This is how the opening and Dusty's mission goes in The Great Dog Caper.

[We see the credits roll by and the title appears and then disappears as typing comes on the screen saying, "Equestria mountains, 09:00 hours"]

[Then we see an object]

[The object flies by the screen and is now racing for the mountains at a fast pace, then we take a closer look at the object and reveals to be Dusty Crophopper]

[Dusty is speeding towards the mountains with a look of determination on his face he fly around each of the peaks and then he comes to a stop in a clearing]

Dusty: Alight. Crophopper's log, I have located the location of Ripslinger's fortress. As I mentioned before, I have come to retreive my wife, Ishani from that jerk. And so far, there hasn't been anything trying to prevent me on my quest.

[but then Dusty looks around and sees a huge army of Ripslinger's robots [which look like Ned and Zed pointing their lasers at him, then they all mutiply by 2 and then 4]

[We see a lot!]

Dusty: [points his laser at crystals which directs it to all the robots and then they blow up one by one, then they all explode!] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! OOF! [he runs away to avoid being hit by broken peices of robot from hitting him, then he leans on a wall]

[Then a camera comes out and sees Dusty in alarm but Dusty shoots it]

[The the ground opens as Dusty enters and the ground closes]

Dusty: [turns on his lights and starts moving down a hallway]

[but Ripslinger tracks Dusty's location through his fortress]

Ripslinger: Ha, ha, ha, ha. Come to me, Crophopper. [pulls a lever]

[Lights come on, A spiked wall appears behind him, and quickly charges toward him.]

Dusty: [gasp!] [he runs and jumps through the door just in time. Then finds himself inside a catacomb]

??: Help! Dusty!

Dusty: [He then sees Ishani inside a crystal tube prison. Approaching cautiously, he jumps on the bridge of floating discs, but the bridge gave way, sending him falling into the bottomless pit below.] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! [He then activates his anti-gravity servos on his wings] To infinity and beyond! [lands on the other side] Ishani.

[He tries to get Ishani but she was a hologram]

Ripslinger: [comes up (he is a robot)] We meet again farm boy. For the last time!

Dusty: Not today, Ripslinger!

[Rip fires his gun. Dusty dodges them and deflects them back, then he throws the plate at Rip]

Ripslinger: DAAAGGH!!!!

Dusty: [jumps at the other side of Ripslinger, where he almost is able to fire his laser. Unfortunately, Ripslinger shoots first, and blows up Dusty's body (leaving his land gear), killing him.]

Ripslinger: [laughs maniacally]

[but then it zooms out and the words "GAME OVER" appeared on the TV screen with stereotypical 8-bit music, revealing that it was only a video game]

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