Here is how the next prehistoric adventure begins in Genesis World.

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Titles shown, "Genesis World".

One morning in Skylands, Princess Sharon was waiting for Princess Yuna and her friends.

Princess Sharon: Yuna! Are you and the others packed yet!?

Princess Yuna: Just about, Sharon! Come on, Snowdrop! We don't want to be late!

Snowdrop: (putting her toothbrush in her bag) I'm coming!

Princess Skyla: Are you girls ready for this?

Armor Bride: You bet, Sis.

Sweetie Heart: Ready.

Scander: Come on, We don't want to miss the flight!

Britney Sweet: Coming! Bye, Mom!

Prince Tyrone: (playing with blocks)

Prince Isamu: (gets carried by his mother)

Princess Cadance: Have a great time, Girls!

Princess Luna: I'm so excited for you and your friends, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Thanks, Mama.

At the airport, Catrina was gathering her passengers to Air Discord.

Catrina: Welcome to Air Discord. All Passengers please show me your tickets and we'll be on our way.

Princess Luna: (gave Yuna a hug and kiss) Now, remember, if something's behind you. Run.

Princess Yuna: We will, Mama.

Snowdrop: Bye, Luna.

Nyx: We'll see you soon.

At another airport.

Discord: Thank you flying Air Discord in such short notice. Please stay seated until the plan comes to a full and complete stop. Thank you. Have a nice day.

Princess Yuna: You know, I remember when we helped Captain Stubbs and his crew find the treasure. Before the treasure hunt, Mr. Pym did a roll call and we set sail.

Pound Cake: I remember

Princess Yuna: You see my Mama sends the Mane 6 to track down the Tantabus, a magical force that threatens to turn everypony in Equestria's dreams into nightmares. So, she stopped blaming herself.

Moon Starlight: I remember tell about that too, Yuna.

The foals were on board the ship and met up with Mickey Mouse and his friends and family.

Daffodil: I'm so excited about the new theme park, Sylvia.

Sylvia Marpole: So am I, Daffodil. Are you ready for this trip?

Daffodil: I sure am.

Princess Yuna: It's so excited, Mickey. I'm looking forward to the new Prehistoric Theme Park.

Mickey Mouse: I know, Yuna. Genesis World.

Armor Bride: Look! We're almost there!

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