This is how the opening goes in The Creation of Ryan Tokisaki.

(At the city in the top of the building)

Kurumi Tokisaki: Well I guess this is it, uh?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes, Kurumi. And when I see you again, I hope you did help us free Tino.

[Kurumi smiles]

Meg Griffin: We are proud of you, Ryan. We'll be waiting.

Kurumi Tokisaki: Oh, Ryan. I now know that you love a spirit like me. When you go to Shido's homeworld and go on a date together, I hope it last a bit longer. [puts her hands on Ryan's cheeks] And one thing, I love you as well.

Ryan F-Freeman: I love you. Too.

[Kurumi leans towards Ryan and kisses Ryan on the lips]

[Sci-Ryan takes a photo of Kurumi and Ryan kissing]

Sci-Ryan: One for the albem.

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