This is is opening and Manitoba's introduction goes in Total Drama: Inside Out.

Manitoba Smith: Do ya ever look at someone and wonder "What is going on inside their head?" Well, I know. Well, I know Mike's head.

[A bright light gives way to two blurred figures holding a new born baby. As the child blinks, we zoom into the baby's head. Emerging from light, a tiny figure with a hat inspects his glowing brown body, this is Mike's adventurous alternate personality, Manitoba Smith]

Manitoba Smith: What is that?

[Manitoba gazes at the hazy area of light, the baby's point of view monitor. Smiling, Manitoba stares in awe then notices a console with a single button. He presses the button and it glows. We zoom out of the baby's head]

Manitoba Smith: And there he was.

[The alternate personality smiles]

Mike's Mother: Hello... Mike.

Mike's Farther: Oh, look at you. Are you a little bundle of joy.

[Manitoba watches the parents on the monitor and sees a glowing sphere rolling along a track. He goes over and picks it up and the parents appear inside it]

Mike's Farther: Aren't you a little bundle of joy.

Manitoba Smith: Whoa!

[Manitoba places the sphere back on the track and watches it roll around and causes a system of flower shaped gears to turn. Manitoba presses the button again]

Manitoba Smith: It was amazing! Just Mike and me. Forever.

[Manitoba smiles]

Mike: [crying]

Manitoba Smith: Huh?

Mike: [continues crying]

Manitoba Smith: Well, for 33 seconds.

[Manitoba looks down and sees a teenage female version of Mike standing beside him]

Manitoba Smith: Who are you?

Svetlana: I'm Svetlana. A professional gymist.

Manitoba Smith: G'day, Svetlana! Name's Manitoba Smith. Can I just... Let me just fix that. Thanks. [presses the button] And that was just the beginning. Headquarters just got more crowded from there.

[A few years later]

Chester: Okay. Looks like you got this. Very good. Whoa. Sharp turn! Oh, no! Look out!

Manitoba Smith: That's Chester. He's very good at keeping Mike safe.

[Mike stops running]

Chester: Easy! Easy! Yeah! Hop it! Oh, we're good! We're good. Thank you, thank you very much.

Manitoba Smith: And we're back.

[Mike starts running again]

Svetana: Good job.

Chester: That was close.

[Mike is put in a high chair and a bowl of brocoli is placed in front of him]

Mike's farther: Alright, Mikey. Open up.

Manitoba Smith: This looks new.

Chester: Think it's safe?

Svetlana: What is it?

[A fourth alternate personality joins them]

Vito: Eh-yo. There's a dangerous smell, people. Hold on, what is that?

Manitoba Smith: [voiceover] That's Vito. He basically keeps Mike from being poisoned, physically and socially.

Vito: That is not brightly coloured or shaped like a dinosaur. Hold on, guys. It's brocolie.

[Vito shoves a control]

Mike: Ew!

[A green memory forms]

Vito: Well, I just saved our lives. Yeah, you're welcome.

Mike's farther: Mike. If you don't eat this, you might not get desert.

Mal: What?

Manitoba Smith: This is Mal. He cares very deeply about things being fair.

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