This is how the opening goes in The Midnight Chronicles.

[Jessie Primefan sits on a rock]

Jessie Primefan: Well, at least Midnight Sparkle's gone.

Madam Magianort: Yes. You are a hero like Ryan. Bertram does not fear the darkness.

[Jessie looks around and saw Magianort]

Jessie Primefan: Madam Magianort.

Madam Magianort: And yet, Ryan does got a pendant like you. Mike could hope that Midnight Sparkle won't return. Even though, Dark Ryan F-Freeman is her boyfriend.

[Jessie Primefan nods and Ryan arrives]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, girls.

Jessie Primefan: Hi, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: We were just about to perform Legend You Were Meant To Be.

Madam Magianort: At least you and Rianna are ok. From helping you overcome Black Ryan Max to helping Mike get rid of Mal.

[Ryan nods and spots a necklace on Jessie's neck]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. It's so pretty. How did you...[reaches for her pendant]

Jessie Primefan: [grabs his wrist]

Ryan F-Freeman: Huh? You ok there?

Jessie Primefan:

Ryan F-Freeman:


Madam Magianort: I guess the siren part of Jessie is in her.

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