Here is how the story continues again in Genesis Park III.

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Titles shown, "Genesis Park III".

On the Pacific Ocean, A speedboat cuts swiftly through the ocean swells beneath the looming cliffs of Pangea.

Cassim: Brace yourselves!

Max Goof: Okay, Melody, Ready!?

Melody: Ready!

John Smith: All Right then! (release the Para sail)

The boat speeds up to the limit, Max and Melody goes up. As the para sail is high up, They can few the island and the boat.

Melody: Are you getting it!?

Max Goof: Oh, I'm getting alright! (holds a video camera) Just wait 'til Sylvia and My dad sees this when I caught it on tape!

Melody: I sure hope so!

The boat was suddenly empty, And it's about to crash into the rocks.

Max Goof: Oh no! Cassim! John!

Melody: We're gonna crash!

Max Goof: Hang on! (untied the knot in front of Melody)

The boat crashes into the rocks, The boat exploded, John Smith and Cassim manage to escape the danger as they went on shore.

Max Goof: Look! There's Cassim and John!

Melody: Let's meet them right away!

The two reached the island, But gone to different location.

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