Here is how Rainbow Dash is kidnapped by the Six Rings in My Little Pony: Iron Mare during the opening.

(We then see a military convoy driving through a desert)

(We then zoom into one vehicle)

(In it, we see some soldiers ponies clearly awed about something)

(We see it is billionaire philanthropist, Rainbow Dash)

Rainbow Dash: I feel like you'really driving me to Court Marshall. This is crazy. What did I do? I feel like you'really gonna pull over and snuff me. (To one soldier) What, you're not allowed to talk?

Soldier Pony: We can talk, sir.

Rainbow Dash: Oh good.

(After they take a picture, the convoy is attacked)

(The soldiers rush out but are killed)

(Rainbow Dash rushes out and makes it to cover)

(however, a bomb drops out of the sky, with one word on it - Dash)

(Rainbow Dash runs, but the bomb goes off and causes her to start bleeding out)

(Rainbow Dash falls unconcious)

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