Here is how the battle in Fairy Tail and Code Red arrives to help in Crash, Thomas, and Ryan meet Moana.

[we see the world of Fairy Tail]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hi there.

Emmet: Beautiful place, right? Wrong!

[we see a battle going down in the Fairy Tail Guild's HQ]

Ryan F-Freeman: Don't let Bane and his army destroy everything!

Adagio Dazzle: We understand, we're trying!

(a mercenary takes her down)

(more mercenaries start taking down the rest of the gang)

(finally, it is down to Erza and Bane)

Bane: You're going down, red.

(as he prepares to strike her down, a hand taps his shoulder)

Bane: What?!(turns around)

(two hands punch him)

(the people who punched him are Bucky Barnes and Luca (Planet of the Apes))

Ryan F-Freeman: Bucky... You came...

Luca (Planet of the Apes):(helps him up and beats his chest)

Bane:(picks them both up and throws them on top of Erza, keeping her on the ground)

Ryan F-Freeman: Did Bertram call you?

Bucky Barnes:(weakly) No.

(just as Bane is about to finish off the knight wizard, super soldier, and enhanced gorilla, Nighlock flies at him, and slams him against the wall)

Nighlock: Bane, you are under arrest for your numerous crimes against the public.

Bane: Make me.

Ryan F-Freeman: Nighlock... get my friends back to base.

Nighlock: Team, hold off the mercenaries! William, get in there, and get Ryan and his friends back on their feet!

Air Strike:(lands) You got it, man.

Matau T. Monkey:(wakes up)(weakly) What's... going on?

(Air Strike begins performing careful operations to fully heal Matau)

(while Nighlock and Bane get locked in fierce combat)

Matau T. Monkey: What are you healing me with?

Air Strike: Whoops.(notices his healing stick isn't on) I swear, I keep forgetting to turn that on.

(the gang is all back on their feet and help Code Red battle the mercenaries)

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. Let me do something. [points his Keyblade up] Heal!

(the Fairy Tail members get back up on their feet)

(back in the battle of Nighlock vs Bane, Nighlock's armor has taken severe damage)

Nighlock:(ejects) Let's end this.(unsheathes his vibranium swords)

Bane: I couldn't agree more, boy.

(suddenly a magic blast hits him from behind)

(it is revealed to be Erza)

Erza Scarlet: You will not bring harm upon him!

[Nighlock watches as she helps defeat him]

(together, they both defeat him)

(later, we see Bane, Judith (Sing), Mr. Frond, and Leonard being loaded up onto a prison bus)

(we see Nighlock repairing his armor)

(he finishes his armor, making it shiny)

(he sees Erza is sitting nearby, waiting for him in the reflection)

(he turns to her, but he can clearly see she doesn't notice it)

Nighlock:(gets up and walks over to her)

Erza Scarlet:(notices him and gets up as well) You're pretty fierce in the fields of combat.

Nighlock: So are you.

(they shake hands)

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