(Disney and Universal pictures presents)

(The mountains stand)

(The house stands behind the mountain)

(The man appears and the ax appears and kills him)

(Inside the house)

(All men and some women revelry)

(A woman squeals and grunts)

Man: We have killed Bablonians!

(The men cheer)

Man: We have killed Mesoptamians!

(Cheering continues)

Man: We have killed Assyrians, Mycenaeans, Sumerians, but...we have never had the pleasure of killing an Akkadian.

(Men and women cheer)


(Mathayus climb on the chimney)


Man: Which limb do I take first?

(All shout)

Mathayus's brother: May the gods have pity on you because my brother will not.

(Mathayus jumps into the chimney)

(The man growls)

(The fireplace bursts into the flames)

(The arrows appear, killing the men)

(Mathayus appears out of the fireplace)

(He shoots more men flying in the air)

(He draws the sword)

(Everyone stands)

Mathayus: Boo.

(Everyone run and scream)

(One of the men prepare to kill Mathayus's brother)

(Mathayus fights him)

(The second man jump and Mathayus fights him)

(The third man prepares to kill him but he kicks the table on him and fights them)

(The fourth man appears to kill him but he throws him and the dagger kills him)

(The leader throws his weapon and Mathayus cut the rope and it pulls him to fly)

(The wooden chandelier falls on the leader)

(Mathayus punches the man)

(The leader pulls out his two weapons)

(Mathayus turns when stops punching)

Man: You missed.

(Mathayus ties the rope around the man's neck and jumps)

(The chandelier pulls up and the man screams and is killed on the ceiling)

Mathayus: (looking at his brother) You're lucky we have the same mother.

(Main Title: Pooh's Adventures of The Scorpion King)

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