This is how the opening goes in Total Drama: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

[Walt Disney presents, a Ryantransformer film and Blue Sky Studioes, in associations with Warner Bros. Studios, Hasbro, Transformersprimefan Productions, BBC, and 20th Century Fox]

Scrat: [sniffs]

[Scrat's nose leads him to the title: "Total Drama: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" and stops at a cliff]

[Scrat notices an a acorn on the other side and goes to the cliff side its on. But the acorn is gone]

Scrat: AAAGGHH!!!

[he saw leafs moving and looks from behind a tree to see a girl squirrel as the song "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" starts playing]

Ryan F-Freeman:[off-screen] You'll never find~

As long as you live~

Someone who loves you~

Tender like I do~

You'll never find~

[The girl squirrel pulls out a acorn that Scrat is looking for]

Scart: [gasps]


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