This is how Opening: The Creators destroy the dinosaurs and Celestia's discovery at a digsite goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Age of Extinction.

[We see a spaceship flying over Equestria in its dinosaur age]

[Then we see another, and then another, until there are a whole bunch of ships]

[My Little Pony Transformers: Age of Extinction appears on the screen]

[We see little dinosaur catching a fish]

[Other smaller dinosaurs try to eat it, but the little dinosaur smacks them away]

[It then sees the spaceships]

[We see an alien arm activate something]

[As if in response, several bombs called Seeds blow up]

[The Dinosaurs are killed except for the little dinosaur]

[We then cut to a plane flying over the Arctic]

[We see a Dig Pony seeing a figure approaching]

Dig Pony: Drats. Your highness, you really shouldn't have come.

[The figure is revealed to be none other than Celestia]

Princess Celestia: Show me.

[He leads her to an excavation site]

Dig Site Pony: Corporate was adamant, we keep running. No stopping operations. (referring to the metal detector) No, no, no. You've gotta through, no cameras. (referring to the Grussian looking griffon) He's got orders to kill. I don't think international law even applies up here.

[Celestia goes through the detector]

Princess Celestia: (takes off her sunglasses) We are geologists first. If this thing has any historical significance at all, we are shutting down. I'm shutting us down.

[The griffon points his gun at her]

Princess Celestia: Oh, he's going to shoot me? Shoot me.

Dig Site Pony: Hey, don't kill her!

[The griffon lowers his gun]

[They go over to a metal dead dinosaur]

Dig Site Pony: This is crazy stuff. Crazy stuff.

[He grabs a hammer and hits it, making a gonging sound]

Dig Site Pony: Well, what did you think?

Princess Celestia: I think history is about to change.

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