This is how Opening: Thorax's introduction goes in My Little Pony: Spider-Mare 3.

[We see the Marvel and Hasbro logos appear before we see a blue string of web before the screen fades to black. We see blue mist as another blue string of web comes by and we see two more blue strings of web before we see shots of three spider webs and we see the fourth with MY LITTLE PONY: SPIDER-MARE 3 on it before we see the highlight intro]

[We then see Canterlot]

Thorax: (narrating) Hi. It's me. Thorax. But you might also know me as the Friendly Neighborhood... you know.

[We see him watching a video of him on a jumbo tron]

Thorax: (narrating) I've come a long way from the Changling whom was bitten. And now....

[Some foals come along]

Foal 1: Hey, look. It's Spider-Mare.

Thorax: (narrating) Ponies really love me.

[He turns to the foals]

Thorax: Hey, stick around, it's gonna come back on again.

Foal 1: Nah, that's alright.

[We then see him walking by a store]

Thorax: (narrating) I have everything I could possibly ask for.

[We see him walking on a sidewalk when he stops at a jewelry store]

Thorax: (narrating)

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