This is how Opening: Thorax's narration goes in My Little Pony: Spider-Mare.

[We see the Marvel and Hasbro logos appear before we see a blue string of web before the screen fades to black. We see blue mist as another blue string of web comes by and we see two more blue strings of web before we see shots of three spider webs and we see the fourth with MY LITTLE PONY: SPIDER-MARE on it before we see the highlight intro]

[We then see Canterlot]

Thorax: (narrating) Who am I? You really wanna know? The story goes like this.

[We then see a bus full of teenaged ponies]

Thorax: (narrating) You'd probably think one of these people is me.

[Suddenly a hoof bangs on one of the windows, causing the teens to laugh]

Thorax: (narrating) That's me, Thorax.

Thorax: Hey, let me in!

Thorax: (narrating) Surprising, isn't it?

[Suddenly, one teen stands up and tells the driver to stop the bus]

[Unseen by Twilight and Thorax, the spider from before lands on Thorax and ]

[Twilight gathers her things]

Twilight Sparkle: Thanks for the pictures

[Twilight leaves]

Thorax: See you around.

[The spider slowly lowers itself onto Thorax's wrist]

[The spider then bites Thorax]

[Thorax flinches and sees the spider drop to the floor and crawl away]

[Thorax walks away]

[We then see a computer show the spider that bit him and showing Thorax's genetics]

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