This [In a laboratory room, a man scans the view before him, seeing two fading bodies laid on the floor. One, a man with long blond hair, the other, a silver-haired youth. Darkness rises off of them like smoke.

?????: Hey! Is this how you wanted it?

(The man faces another in the room, who starts to walk toward him)

Braig: Xehanort! You wanna fill me in?

(The man lifts his arm and summons a black and white keyblade)

?????: I am...

Braig: Hey! Do you remember now, or... Wait, did you never lose your memory?

(The man leaps forward and plunges the blade into Braig's chest)

?????: That's not my name. I'm not "Xehanort."

(Braig's eyes widen with shock and he falls to the floor, exhaling loudly. A heart surges from his chest)

?????: My name... is Ansem

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