Here is how the Opening Scene goes in Genesis Park.

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Main Titles shown "Genesis Park".

The workers are prepared for the next animal. The forklifter brought out the crate with a male Smilodon.

Raptor Claw: (as Robert Muldoon) I want the tazers in full charge!

The forklifter lowered the crate to it position.

Raptor Claw: Alright, Everypony! Let's get it into it's enclosure!

The workers are bringing the crate closer to the enclosure.

Raptor Claw: Careful! Careful!

Smilodon: (growls)

Worker #2: (pushes the crate to the enclosure and opens the crate)

Smilodon: (growls and busted out of the crate)

Worker #2: (falls off the gate)

Raptor Claw: Get the Tranquilizer Guns!

The workers grab their guns to prepare to shoot.

Raptor Claw: Look out!

Smilodon: (growls)

Raptor Claw: Shoot Him! Shoot Him!

And the Smilodon is put down unconscious.

Meanwhile, There has been work to do at the Mine in the Island of Pangea.

Indian: Right this way, Mr. Mouse.

Mickey Mouse: Hello, Fellas!

Gremlin Gus: Where's Professor Amber?

Steam Mech: He's on an meeting.

Mucker: We've got some Amber to dig up!

Steam Grindor: Alright! Stand back! I've got some grinding to do!

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Grind Away!

Mucker: Keep Digging!

In the tree zap, a mosquito was inside which contains the DNA Samples of all kinds of prehistoric animals.

Steam Sweeper: Hey, Fellas! Look!

Mucker: A Mosquito in a Tree Zap!

Steam Driller: And when there's a Tree Zap, The Mosquito. And when there're Mosquitoes, Animal DNA.

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