This is how the Opening Scene and Jiminy Cricket Narrating goes in Princess Yuna's Christmas Carol.

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"Oh, What A Merry Christmas Day" begins.

Chorus: Oh, what a merry christmas day

Hear the joyous music play

Bells are ringing

choirs singing

Oh, what a merry christmas day

sharing the season of good cheer

with the ones we hold so dear

friendly faces, warm embraces

Oh, what a merry christmas day

snowflakes covered country lanes

Jack Frost painted window panes

twinkling stars on christmas trees

oh, what happy memories

gathered 'round a fireplace

fam'lies filled with love and grace

from peaceful ember's glow

blessed Yuletide spirits grow

grow and grow

grow and grow

Joy to the children far and near

what a won'drous time of year

isn't is just grand to say

merry, merry christmas

merry, merry christmas

Oh, what a merry christmas day!

After the song.

Jiminy Cricket: Hello. Cricket's the name, Jiminy Cricket, Have you ever heard of Charles Dickens' Christmas Story, "A Christmas Carol"? Well, I did too and tonight, I'm gonna tell you all a story about how Pythor P. Chumsworth discover what was like about Christmas, I call it, Princess Yuna's Christmas Carol.

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