This is how the opening scene and Spencer's story goes in The Beast of Sodor (remake).

(The episode kicks off with Spencer puffing into Tidmouth Sheds)

Thomas: Spencer? What are you doing here?

Spencer: I'm here because Vicarstown Bridge is blocked. So I have to spend the night in this place.

Percy: But where's James?

Spencer: How should I know? I'm a private engine and I should be with the Duke and Duchess, not here blocked in by the snow.

(An icicle falls on Spencer's head making him panic a bit)

Gordon: Oh, dear. Are private engines scared of a bit of snow?

Spencer: Pah. Me? Scared? I once rescued the Duke from the scariest snow beast of them all, the Abominable Snowman.

(The other engines laugh but Henry is worried)

Henry: Oh, dear. I hope I never see the Abominable Snowman.

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