Here's how the opening crawl and the battle over Cloud City goes in Vengeance & Rage!.

[Hiatt Grey Productions presents...] Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures Chronicles.....

"Vengeance & Rage!"

The galaxy is in ultimate peril. After the fall of Darth Raygar, a vengeful Jessica Shrew has took control of the Outer Rim territories and now hold countless worlds into the grip of fear.

In a stunning move, TD-1000 has swept into the Cloud City on Bespin and kidnapped Barret Barricade, the prince of the Sun and Equestria.

As the Droid Army attempt to flee their valuable hostage, Brian & Chris Griffin lead a desperate mission to rescue the Prince....

[Soon it pans down into space, and 2 Jedi starfighters come in and we view a battle above Bespin! And they dodge many obsticles and we see Kratt]

Kratt: [beeps]

Chris: Lock onto them, Kratt. [into radio] Brian, the ship with TD-1000's ship is directly ahead. The one surrounded by vulture droids.

Brian: Oh, I see. (sarcastically) Oh, this is gonna be a peice of cake!

[The vulture droids take off]

Brian: Jimmy, do you copy?

Jimmy: (on radio) I copy, red leader.

Brian: Mark up your position, form up behind us.

Jimmy: We're on your tail, General Griffin. Set your foils in attack formation.

[several ARC-170's follow in behind them and deploy their wings]

Chris: Let's get this party started!

Brian: Easy now.

[the ARC-170s fly past Brian and Chris' Starfighters and fight the vulture droids]

ARC-170 pilot: They're all over me!

Chris: I'm gonna go help him out.

Brian: No! Let them do their job! So we can do ours!

[but one of the ARC-170s is hit as it flies out of control and then explodes, as one of the vulture droids then launches four missiles at the 2 Starfighters.]

Chris: Incoming Missiles! Pull up!

[they move out of the way as the missiles fly past them]

Brian: They overshot us!

Chris: But now they're coming back at us!

[the missiles then turn around and split up as 2 chase Brian and 2 chase Chris]

T7: [beeping]

Brian: Alright, T7! But no fanciness!

Chris: Surge all power units, Kratt. Stand by. Reverse Thrusters.

Kratt: [beeps]

[Chris then does a barrel roll as the missiles follow him in the same format but they soon hit each other and blow up]

Chris: (chuckles) We got them, Kratt.

Kratt: [beeps then whistles]

[as Brian is still being chased by the 2 missiles]

Brian: Flying look this is for droids! [but then several buzz droids are released and they all land on Brian's Starfighter] I'm hit! Chris?

Chris: [on radio] I see em! Buzz droids!

[the Buzz droids then start sabotaging Brian's starfighter]

Brian: T7, be careful you have...

[but then one Buzz Droid takes out T7]

Brian: Oh crap. They're shutting down all the controls!

Chris: Move to the right so I can clear shot at them

Brian: But the mission! Get to the ship and get Barret!

Chris: I'm not leaving you behind, Brian! (he then starts shooting out the droids but one of his shots ends up breaking off the left stabilizers]

Brian: What the?! Chris, stop shooting at me, you aren't helping me here!

Chris: I agree, bad idea.

[then one of the droids causes the front port wing to start leaking fog as it fogs up Brian's windshield]

Brian: Damn, I can't see anything! My cockpit's fogging up bad!

[Chris then flies alongside Brian's starfighter and closes his stabilizers]

Brian: They're all over me, Chris!

Chris: Move to the right.

Brian: Wait, a minute Chris! You'll get us both killed! Just go on without me, there's nothing more you can do!

Chris: I'm not leaving without you, Bri!

[he then slides his starfighter's wing on Brian's Starfighter and crushes several of the droids but one manages to climb onto Chris' starfighter.]

Kratt: (deploys a taser prod)

Chris: Get him, Kratt!

[Kratt tries zapping the droid but is missing each zap]

Chris: Watch out.

Brian: Kratt, hit the buzz droid's center eye!

Kratt: [beeps, as he zaps the droid in the center eye and it shuts down and flies off]

Chris; Yes, you got him!

Brian: Great one, Kratt!

Chris: The command ship is now dead ahead!

Kratt: WHOA!!!

Brian: But the shields are still up!

Chris: Oh, yeah!

[Chris then pulls up and shoots out the protector shields, but then main hatch door starts to close]

Brian: Oh, I've got a bad feeling about this!

[But the 2 manage to fly into the hanger at the last second and come skidding to a stop]