Here's how the opening crawl and the platform attack goes in Attack of the Clone Equines.

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"Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures Chronicles"

Attack of the Clone Equines

A month went by after the battle of Dawn Bellwether and the Return of Godzilla. And the Galactic Senate is under no rest. Thousands of Solar Systems have declared to leave their intentions with the Republic.

Due to this mysterious movement, Nightmare Moon & King Sombra had made it difficult for the Jedi to make peace and justice across the galaxy.

So now, Sunset Shimmer is on her way to Casnterlot Castle to discuss the matter . . . .

[The camera tilts down to Earth and several ships and a cruiser head to Earth]

Soldier: Your highness, we're making our approach to Earth.

Female voice: Very good.

[Soon after flying above the clouds they land on a platform. And BB-8 emerges from one of the small ships]

Sunrise Shimmer: [takes off her helmet] We've made it!

[A unicorn princess and several soldiers walked out]

Human Rainbow: Guess I was wrong. [to a pilot] There was no danger after all.

[But then all of a sudden... the ship explodes! And some of the survivors go check it out, and the pilot was the real Sunset Shimmer!]

Sunset Shimmer: [takes off her helmet] Shoichet!

Shoichet: My lady... I'm so sorry. I failed you.

Sunset Shimmer: No!

[Shoichet dies]

Human Fluttershy: Sunset Shimmer. We have to go, you're still in danger.

Sunset Shimmer: [slowly gets back up] I shouldn't come back.

Sunny Flare: This is really important. You did your duty, Shoichet did hers. Now come.

[But Sunset Shimmer doesn't]

Sunrise Shimmer: Mom, please.

[Soon, she follows the others, with BB-8 right behind them]