This is how the opening scene goes in Thomas' Toy Story 2.

[The film starts in outer space where the title comes up and something zooms past the screen towards a big red planet]

[Clay, one of the NEXO Knights, is flying towards the planet where he lands on the ground, breathes heavyly a few times and then presses a button on the side of his helmet]

Clay Moorington: Ok, knights, I've arrived at the place where I think Jestro may be holding Ryan's three siren friends captive. But I can't find any signs of intelligent life anywhere.

Cyberman: Unauthorized element detected.

Clay Moorington: [looking up] Huh?

Cyberman: Delete! Delete!

[Daleks point at Clay and Cybermen do the same]

Clay Moorington: I see you like to play with lasers.

Dalek: Exterminate!

[Clay fires a laser at the crystal in front of him and the Daleks and Cybermen blow up sending him flying]

Clay Moorington: [screaming] Oof!

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