Here's how the opening sequence and the first dragon attack goes in The Beginning of the Chronicles II.

[Stuingtion proudly presents...]

[The Chronicles of Equestria and the Isle of Berk

The Beginning of the Chronicles II

2 years after the Sith incident, Nyx has now been officially adopted by Twilight Sparkle and Thomas the Tank Engine, and now is living in a happy life.

However, in her new life the 3 royal babies: "Skyla, Yuna, and Sharon" are now about 2 years old, and are beginning to learn how to talk and walk.

But now, unknown to our heroes, a new threat is about to await for them....]

[The camera pins down and sees snow falling and shows that snow is falling down. And Thomas is chuffing plowing snow with his snowplow]

Thomas: Oh, I know I don't like wearing my snowplow, but the tracks need to be cleared! [strains as he goes on]

[Then, it shows the other engines plowing the snow]

James: [straining] Stupid snow!

Edward: Keep going! [strains]

[then Donald and Douglas rush by]

Donald: Hi!

Douglas: Aye'!

[they easliy plow through the snow as they race by.]

[Then Gordon comes in with a snow machine]

Gordon: Watch out! There's snow about!

Narrator: Then there was trouble.

[then snow falls on Gordon]

Gordon: Oh, not again!

Henry: Frost bite?

Gordon: No! Now get me out!

James: Oh, okay.

[they then pulled him out]

Gordon: Thank you!

Edward: Now, let's get the rest of the line cleared! [pushes forward]

[soon enough, after some time consuming time, they then take a break]

Stepney: Whoo! I'm worn out and tired.

Percy: Likewise.

Duck: At least we're almost complete.

Oliver: Yeah.

Donlad: Me an Dougie well take care o' dat.

[Then they smelled smoke]

James: I can smell smoke!

Henry: Oh no, that can only mean one thing.

Gordon: FIRE!!

[we now go to a scene of a village burning]

[and then it shows a dragon]

Thomas: Dragons.

[then several more start flying in]

Spencer: Over there!

Thmas: Come on! Attack!

[soon the engines and later the equines race into the scene]

Twilight: What have we got?

Edward: Gronckles, Nadders, Zipplebacks, Star Shadows, White Streakers. And James might've of seen a few Monstrous Nightmares.

Twilight: Any Night Furies?

Edward: No.

[Then the Zipplebacks blast open a barn where a giant flock of sheep is kept]

Fluttershy: Those sheep!

Applejack: Come on! We can't let them beast git' away! [jumps onto a Deadly Nadder]

Deadly Nadder: [growls]

Applejack: Ya' stealin' any sheep today! [starts pistol whipping it]

Rainbow: Yeah! Come on!

[she then hops onto a Monstrous Nightmare]

Monstrous Nightmare: [growls]

Rainbow: No giant flamethrower's gonna beat me! [starts beating the Monstrous Nightmare]

Fluttershy: Come on little sheep! Follow me!

[The sheep follow her]

[but the Deadly Nadders then notice her]

Pinkie: Fluttershy! On your right! [she jumps forward and onto one of the Nadders] Take that, and that!

[then some Gronckles head for some young foals]

Rarity: Oh, no! Hang on you poor dears, help is coming!

[she then runs to them]

Rarity: Get away from these children, you brutes! [she starts kicking them] No dragon is gonna harm any inoccent foals today!

[then a whoosh is heard]

James: White Streaker incoming!

Applejack: Watch out!

[a White Strakers swoops down and flies through 2 houses and then out the other side]

Twilight: Be careful! These beasts still have plenty of fire power! [avoids a fire blast]

[some of the other dragons then start to sneak up on Fluttershy (who is still guiding the sheep)]

Fluttershy: Please, follow me. Please.

[then a Star Shadow appears in front of her]

Fluttershy: AAAH!!

Pinkie: I've got you!

[she then starts beating them up]

Applejack: Try some of this! [throws a net over several Nadders]

Nadders: [growling as they try to escape]

Rainbow: [still beating the Monstrous Nightmare she's on] Take that, and that!

[but the Monstrous Nightmare does a barrel, causing Rainbow to fall off]

Rainbow: Whoa! [slams into Applejack, which the Nadders escape and then scoop up several sheep with the net]

[all the dragons leave]

Thomas: And beat it! [blows his whistle loudly]

Fluttershy: But they got the sheep!

Rarity: But atleast the children are safe. Those brutes almost got them!

Twilight: Bother those dragons! Why can't they just leave us alone?!

Spike: [clears throat]

Twilight: Yes, Spike?

Spike: We are needed at Canterlot for the party set up.

Twilight; Oh right! Come on, let's go pick up everyone else and we all can get going.

Thomas: Oh dear! I forgot all about the party! Oh, oh! It's getting late. Oh. I better find Annie and Clarabel. [chuffs off to find them]

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