Here is how Operation: Bring Captain America begins and Nighlock tests out the improved Alpha Armour in Thomas, Twilight Sparkle, Brian Griffin, and Weekenders Adventures of Civil War.

[we see Code Red in their meeting room]

Quicksilver: What's taking her so long?

Maria Hill:(walks in) Good morning everyone. How are you all?

Firestar: We're doing great, thank you.

Maria Hill: Obviously, you're wondering why I've called this meeting.

Major Malfunction(holoform): We are.

Maria Hill: Captain America has refused to sign, and has gone underground.

Firestar: Oh great.

Sauron:(in the President's voice) Of all the people to go underground. Captain America?!

Maria Hill: You got that right, Karl.

Mirage the Illusionist: Anything else?

Maria Hill: Yes, Peter Pan and his Lost Boys have refused to register as well.

Red Smoke: Where's Anthony?

Maria Hill: Ross is showing him the improved Alpha Amour.

Deadpool: I can't wait to see that.

[we see Ross showing the upgrades made to the Alpha Amour]

Thaddeus Ross: Took a little too much time, but we finally figured it out. We added three tank cannons on the back. More heaven weaponry are hidden all over the rest Armour.(turns on the lights)

(we see the Alpha Armour with its upgrades)

Nighlock: Whoa.

Thaddeus Ross: You ready to test it?

Nighlock: Consider it done.(gets in and flies off)

Thaddeus Ross:(leaves and grabs a coffee) What could go wrong?

(screen turns black)

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