This is where the other pets begin their quest to rescue Zoe Trent in, The Great Dog Caper.

[we return to the other pets, as we see Sunil searching through the channels on the TV for the commercial]

Sunil Nevla: I can't find it! It doesn't seem to be on any of these stations.

Russel Ferguson: Keep going.

Angel Bunny: You're going too slow. Let me take the wheel!

[Angel pushes Sunil aside and starts searching through the channels at a fast pace]

Penny Ling: It's too fast! How can he even tell what's on?

Angel Bunny: I can tell.

[but as he continues, he passes the commercial]

Falcon: There it is, go back!

Minka Mark: Wait, stop!

Timber: Back up!

Pepper Clark: STOP!

Winona: Wait!

Penny Ling: Back, back, back, back, back!

Angel Bunny: Too late, in the forty's! Gotta go around the horn, it's faster.

[then they reach the commercial again]

Everyone: WAIT, THAT'S IT!!

[Splinter grabs Angel's paw before he can pass it again]

Burke on TV: And look for the tugboats!

Pepper Clark: Now, Minka!

Minka Mark: [draws an exact copy of the location map]

Pepper Clark: That's were we need to go.

Opal: We can't go, Pepper. We'll never make it there.

Pepper Clark: Zoe is our best friend. I wouldn't call myself one if I wasn't willing to save her. Who's with me?

[later the others start prepared for the quest]

Falcon: [is cleaning his wings] There, that should do it.

Uni-Kitty: This is for good luck. [peaks Timber on the cheek]

Timber: Alright. But I'm sure God will help us too.

Dorg: Mr. Timber, you just gotta save Zoe. [coughs]

Timber: We'll do our best, son.

Pepper Clark: Okay, let's roll!

[They walk outside, down the roof]

Minka Mark: [grabs a stretchy vine] Geronimo! [jumps down and then lets go of the vine]

Sunil Nevla: You'd think with my video game experience, I'd feel more prepared. [misses the vine] WHOA!! [is bouncing up and down on the vine] WAH!!

Russel Ferguson: The idea is to let go.

Sunil Nevla: [bounces back up] WHOA!!!

Pepper Clark: We'll be back before Blythe gets back.

Uni-Kitty: Good luck!

Pepper Clark: [grabs the stretch vine] To the scrapyard!

[Pepper bungees down. The vine comes back up and Penny Ling is the last to jump off]

[The camera zooms to the city]

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