Here is the scene where G-Merl and the rest of the heroes have to save Tokyo from an army of evil black arms in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

G-Merl: Hmm, promise time, huh... okay, i think it's time to go and fulfill his promise.

(He starts off to save Tokyo, as he's about to fight them a mysterious figure came out of nowhere defeating those monsters reveal to be Emerl the leader of the Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1)

Emerl: Hey, G-Merl.

Yoshi: Hey buddy.

Donkey Kong: Long time no see, Pal.

G-Merl: Hey guy's, what's up?

Emerl: Tokyo's in trouble. We got to save it before the city gets completely destroyed and many people will die here. And we have to find our friends, there out here somewhere in Tokyo fighting some monsters.

Donkey Kong: Yeah, what do you say we take down these guy's and help our friends, just like old times.

G-Merl: Okay, let's go.

(They took off)

(Later they met Tino and Sunset Shimmer)

Emerl: Where's our friends?

Tino Tonitini: There in the street somewhere.

Mordecai: There they are!

(We see our heroes fight the black creatures)

G-Merl: We got to help them!

(G-Merl and the other heroes fight the black creatures)

Sonic: Hey, G-Merl. How's it been?

G-Merl: Good.

Max Taylor: I'm glad that your here.

Zoe Drake: Yeah, those ugly monsters ruin my date with Max!

Rex Owen: Where did they come from?

G-Merl: I don't know? But we have to get going.

(They took off to stop the black creatures)

(Later we see Black Doom and Demon God Demigra watching the event)

Demon God Demigra: Well, G-Merl is helping his human friends to fight the black creatures.

Black Doom: He will give us the Chaos Emeralds. Like we told him.

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