Here's is when Optimus Prime get the Dinobots in Weekenders Adventures of I, Robot.

Cross-Hairs: You have got to be kidding me

[Optimus and the Dinobots walk up]

Optimus: Legendary warriors. The NS-5's trying to put humanity into extinction. We must join forces, Or else forever be their slaves. So today, you sand with us. Or, you stand against me.

Grimlock: ROAR! [then battles Optimus]

Cross-Hairs: Nah, will let Prime figure this out.

Drift: Very wise.

Cross-Hairs: There's no friggin' way I'm staying down here with them. No way, no way.

[Optimus and Grimlock continue fighting]

Optimus: Only together can we survive! [punches Grimlock] Let me lead you!

Grimlock: [transforms into his T-Rex mode] ROAR!!! [he breaths fire as he roars]

Cross-Hairs: Oh, no.

Drift: Here we go again.

Optimus: Come here!

Grimlock: [charges at Optimus]

Optimus: We're giving you freedom. [his Grimlock with his shield]

Grimlock: [gives up]

Optimus: You defend my family. [hops on Grimlock] or die. Autobots, we're going to prove who we are, and why we're here!

Cross-Hairs: Ugh, you just want to die for the guy. That's leadership, or brainwashing, or something.

Drift: No. That's Optimus Prime.

[The other Dinobots transform into their Dinosaur forms]

Optimus: Autobots, we charge together! Now, roll out!

[Cut to Dr. Calvin taking a shower]

[the telephone ring]

Phone: Hi, you've reached Susan. Please leave a message.

Spooner's message: Calvin the NS-5's are destroying the older robots. I think that's what Dr. Lanning wanted me to see. We gotta...

[The NS-5 hangs up]

Calvin: Who was it?!

NS-5: Wrong number, ma'am.

[Cut to Gigi]

Gigi: Move now. I'm going to service.

NS-5: Please remain indoors. This is for your own protection.