Here's how Optimus Prime fights Lockdown in Weekenders Adventures of I, Robot.

[Optimus goes after Lockdown, Then Lockdown jumps into the air]

Lockdown: PRIIIIME!!! [he fires his rockets and he and Optimus battle]

Tino: Dang! It's Lockdown! I've got to help him!

Sunset Shimmer: Tino, no! You'll die!

Ash: I'm coming to!


Ash: I had too, Serena. Optimus is fighting Lockdown alone. And Tino and I have to help him.

Serena: NO!! I don't want you to die again!

Ash: And I won't die again. I'd promise.

Serena: ASH!!! NO!! DON'T!!

[The Dinobots and the Autobots make there way to USR]

Cross-Hairs: All right, we're gonna hold the line, then block the bridge!

[With the others]

Serena: Stop the car!

Bumblebee: You better listen.

Serena: No, you listen. I'm not leaving the one I'd loved!

Liliana: Let's turn around.

[Back with Optimus and Lockdown]

[Tino gets in position, while Optimus and Lockdown fight. Then magic fires]

Ash: Starlight Glimmer!

Starlight Glimmer: You see, you should have learned about your past, Tino! And you didn't know the truth about your real self!

[Optimus and Lockdown fight, then sees the group]

Optimus: TINO! ASH!

Starlight Glimmer: Just as you know... you're not really human, Tino. I know the truth about you and I know where you came from. And I know your real name.

[Optimus slides in, then shoots, and kills Starlight Glimmer]

Tino: Anytime.

[Lockdown takes Optimus buy surprise and traps him in a pillar with his sword]

Lockdown: You saved these humans instead of saving yourself. You bring shame upon us all.

[Tino fired at Lockdown, then Bumblebee and Serena pulled up]

Tino: They never listen. Never.

[Bumblebee transforms]

Optimus: I gave you an order!

[Bumblebee and Lockdown fight]

Tino: [fires his machine] Get out of here, now!

Ash: Serena You have get away from here!

Serena: NO!! I will not let you die again!

Tino: Hey, you! Hey!

Optimus: Tino, Ash! Get out of here! This is my fight!

Lockdown: [grabs Bumblebee's foot] It's my fight! [slams Bumblebee] And you're all gonna die!

[Tino, Ash and Lockdown fight, while Serena hooks up]

Serena: Go, go!

Twilight: Let's go Thomas!

Thomas: Come on, come on!

[Tino, Ash and Lockdown continue their fight]

Thomas: Yeah, killer robot, my butt!

[Lockdown falls]

Thomas: Woo!

[Tino, Ash, and Lockdown fight]

Thomas: Come on!

Serena: [picks up the hook, while Lockdown and Tino fight]

Optimus: Get away, all of you!

Rainbow Dash: Come on Serena you can do it

[Lockdown grabs TIno's gun]

Serena: [hooks up the sword] Drive!

[Rainbow Dash fast as she can]

Lockdown: You see my face, your life is done!

Rainbow Dash: Come on, come on, come on!

[The sword pulls out of Optimus, Optimus grabs it and stabs Lockdown and drives the sword up, slicing him in half]

Rainbow: Yeah!

Tino: YES!!!

Optimus: Honor to the end.

Star: Guy! Guys!

Ash: What is it Star?

Star: The baby's coming! The baby's coming!

Serena: She's right! Let's see the baby.

Tino: There's no time to lose! Let's go!

[cut to Galvatron]

Galvatron: We shall meet again, Prime! For I am reborn...