Here's how Lockdown and Attinger's deaths go in Weekenders Adventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

[Optimus goes after Lockdown, while Attinger is coming. Then Lockdown jumps out]

Lockdown: PRIIIIME!!! [he fires his rockets and he and Optimus battle]

[With the others]

Tessa: Stop the car!

Bumblebee: You better listen.

Tessa: No, you listen. I'm not leaving my dad.

Sunset Shimmer: And I'm not leaving my boyfriend.

Shido: And we're not leaving Tino and Optimus, either.

Liliana: Let's turn around.

Marco: Me and Star are coming too!

[The Dinobots and the Autobots make there way across the bridge]

Cross-Hairs: All right, we're gonna hold the line, then block the bridge!

[Back with Optimus and Lockdown]

[Cade gets in position, while Optimus and Lockdown fight. Then gun fires]

Tino: It's Attinger!

Attinger: You see, it takes patience to make a man. The patience to watch and wait, to protect all of us quietly, for God and country, without any recondition at all!

[Optimus and Lockdown fight, then sees the group]

Optimus: CADE! TINO!

Attinger: There a no good aliens! Or BAD aliens, Yeager and Tonitini. It's just us and them. And you choose them.

[Optimus slides in, then shoots, and kills Attinger]

Cade: Anytime.

[Lockdown takes Optimus buy surprise and traps him in a pillar with his sword]

Lockdown: You saved these humans instead of saving yourself. You bring shame upon us all.

[Cade and Tino fired at Lockdown, then Bumblebee and Doraemon pulled up]

Cade: She never listens. Never.

[Bumblebee transforms]

Optimus: I gave you an order!

[Bumblebee and Lockdown fight]

Tino: Sunset Shimmer! Chris! You have get away from here!

Sunset Shimmer: NO!! I will not let you die again!

Pepper Ann: I'm helping!

Ryder: Us to!

Cade: [fires his alien gun] Get out of here, now!

Shane: Get in, get in.

Cade: Hey, you! Hey!

Optimus: Cade, Tino! Get out of here! This is my fight!

Lockdown: [grabs Bumblebee's foot] It's my fight! [slams Bumblebee] And you're all gonna die!

[Cade and Lockdown fight, while Tessa hooks up]

Tessa: Go, go!

Shane: Come on, come on!

[Cade and Lockdown continue their fight]

Shane: Yeah, killer robot, my butt!

[Lockdown falls]

Shane: Woo!

[Cade and Lockdown fight]

Shane: Come on!

Tessa: [picks up the hook, while Lockdown and Cade fight]

Optimus: Get away, all of you!

Tino: No! I'm not gonna leave you!

Shido: Nor us!

Tohka: [takes out a chain and hooks one end on the back of Roller Skater Then he grabs Kim's towrope, and throws another chain onto the back of Shido]

Kim Possibe: Come on Ron! Hurry!

Shane: Come on, Tess, come on, Tess, come on, Tess.

[Lockdown grabs Cade's gun]

Tessa: [hooks up the sword] Drive!

Grumpy: [throws the chains around the sword handle and hook them on, then ties the towrope on too] (as Milo) GO!!

Lockdown: You see my face, your life is done!

Shane: Come on, come on, come on!

Littlefoot: Pull!!

Tino: [is pulling hard with all his might as power is growing stronger] I must do it! [grunts as he pulls and then he runs forward]

Mana: Pull big brother! 

Shido: I'm doing, my best!

[The sword pulls out of Optimus, Optimus grabs it and stabs Lockdown and drives the sword up, slicing him in half]

Shane: Yeah!

Tino: YES!!!

Star: Hooray!

Ron: We did it!

Optimus: Honor to the end.

Tessa: You still happy that we met? [they kiss]

Shane: Always.

[The KSI robots find them]

Shaggy: ZOINKS!! It's the KSI robots!

Optimus: Hurry! [grabs them] Quickly! I'm setting off Lockdown's grenade! Hold tight! [he takes off while the grenade explodes]

Galvatron: We shale meet again, Prime. For I am reborn.

Riruru: Optimus! You go on! We have unfinished work to do.

Optimus: Go on.

Tino: The baby! It's coming guys. Let's go!

Star: Right

[Everyone runs]