This is how Gould, Megatron, and Sentinel Prime's deaths goes in Weekenders Adventures of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

[Optimus goes after Sentinel and fights him]

Sentinel: Always the bravest of us.

[Optimus continues to fight Sentinel Prime]

Sentinel: But you could never make the hard decisions!

Sentinel: Now! Our planet will survive.

Optimus: No.

[Sentinel cut Optimus' right arm off]

Sentinel: We were Gods once. All of us. But here,...

Optimus: Please.

Sentinel: They'll only be one.

[As Sentinel is about to kill Optimus, Megatron attacks him]


Gould: I just saved a whole other world. You think you're a hero? Huh? You think you're a hero?!

Sam: No, I was just a messager. RAAAAAH!!!


Soldier #1: It's still connected.

Soldier #2: B!

Soldier #3: Get going, get going.

Soldier #2: Let's move it.

Soldier #1: Oh it's still connected.

Ratchet: Lets lock it that.


Sentinel: No.

Megatron: We need a truce. All I want is to be back in charge. Besides... who would you be without me, Prime?

Optimus: Time to find out. [kills Megatron then turns to Sentinel]

Sentinel Prime: Optimus... All I've ever wanted... was the survival of our race. You must see why I had to betray you. [Optimus picks up Megatron's gun]

Optimus: You didn't betray me. [cocks the gun and points it at Sentinel] You betrayed yourself.

Sentinel Prime: [realizing what's about to happen] NO, OPTIMUS! [Optimus shoots Sentinel in the back, flipping him over then shoots him in the head, killing Sentinel. Optimus drops the gun in disgust]