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Gundabad Orcs

Orcs are a race of humanoid beings, similar to goblins but bigger; They are mainly evil, particularly ones who are allied with the wizard, Saruman, and The Witch-King of Angmar ; both of whom are in league with Sauron


There have been many accounts as to how orcs came to be. One of the most popular and even widely accepted theories is that orcs are in fact elves, which Morgoth, the first dark lord of Middle-Earth had enslaved and corrupted into his will; resulting these bent, crooked, sallow-skinned minions who's wills are completely derived on evil.

And as descendants of elves, it's likely their method of breeding is reproductive, I.E. Male/Female interaction.

Types of Orc

  • Gundaband Orcs - A fierce breed that dwell in the north, revered for being first to gather in servitude to Sauron during the Third Age. Azog and his son Bolg are also among the Gundabad
  • Moria Orcs - One of the weaker type that dwell in the mines, Since then they have been referred to as Goblins (Thou orcs in general are regarded as the same thing)
  • Snaga - Among the weakest breed of all, they are generally scouts, spies, or slaves to the tougher orcs or their over all masters in the higher up.
  • Morannon Orcs
  • Morgul Orcs - Breed within the confides of Minas Morgul, the orcs of dead city were specifically bred to be tough, intelligent, and well combatant among the hosts of Modor.
  • Uruk-Hai - The upmost superior breed of all: bigger, smarter, and more ruthless. It has been theorized that their coming may have been from orcs who have bred with humans, as Saruman had half-orc hybrids among his host in Isengard. In Black Speech, "Uruk" means "Orc" so the transcript word or Uruk-Hai means "Orc-Folk"


Orc Characters


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