They look exhausted for fighting the Heartless

Shoutmon: Where's Fuyunyan?

They saw him fighting the Heartless

Komasan: There!

Gumdramon: We have to help him!

They went to help them and they saw them facing Cherubimon

Jibanyan: Fuyunyan!

Fuyunyan: CherubimonCherubimon.

Cherubimon: How long has it been since I abandon that name?

Shoutmon: Out with it, Nobody! Where's our Human Partner, even Psychemon and his friends?

Cherubimon: I have known nothing about them. As for your friends... why don't you ask Fuyunyan for it.

He's disappeared 

Both: Stop!

He jump it and he disappeared 

Shoutmon: Fuyunyan, he's.. he's gone.

Gumdramon: No..

Damemon: Not again.

They look down and look sad, they lost their Friends

Komasan: Damemon. Gumdramon. Shoutmon.

Then they saw all the Heartless gone

Whisper: Where did they go?

?????: Way to fall right into the trap.

It's Impmon

Impmon Come on, it's just a set up by the Organization 15 Digimon. Apocalymon is using you to destroy the Heartless- that's his master plan.

Jibanyan: Apocalymon?

Impmon: That Digimon you saw. He's their leader. Get it in your heads.

Shoutmon: Um... Right.

Komasan: Wait. Organization 15 Digimon wants to get rid of the Heartless?

Impmon: Wow, you didn't get it. Every Heartless slain with the power of the Warrior, Mystic and Guardian releases a captive heart and transfers them to their Human Partners in the Real World. That what's the Organization Digimon plan.

USApyon: So what will happen if they transfer all to their Human Partners for?

Impmon: Not gonna tell you.

USApyon: Why not?

Shoutmon: Hold on... you're the one who kidnap our Human Partners?

Impmon: Yep. The name's Impmon.

Gumdramon: Where are they!? Please? Tell us?

Impmon: Look. About them. I'm so sorry.

Wizarmon: (Voice) Impmon.

He appeared

Impmon: Oh, great.

He disappeared, Shoutmon is going after him, but Wizarmon stop him

Wizarmon: We'll ensure he receives the maximum punishment.

Shoutmon: I don't care about those! Just let us into the realm of darkness, please!?

Wizarmon: If it's you're Partners you're worried about, then don't. We're taking good care of them.

Damemon: I want you to take us to them.

Wizarmon: Were they important to you?

Gumdramon: Of course we are.

Wizarmon: Then show me.

They begged their knee

All: Please.

Wizarmon So you do care for them. In that case- no.

They looks Angry

Shoutmon: Why you little!

Wizarmon: You hate me... for this? Then take this rate. And direct it at the heartless

He Summon the Heartless

Wizarmon: Pitiful Heartless, mindlessly collecting hearts. And yet they know not the true power of what they hold. The rage of the Warrior, Mystic and Guardian releases those hearts. They all gathering in darkness, masterless and free... until they weave together to make Kingdom Hearts. And when that time comes we can truly, finally exist.

Myotismon:(Voice) What were you saying?

Myotismon has appeared

Myotismon: Kingdom Hearts belongs to me! The hearts of all Kingdom. The hearts of all that lives. A dominion fit to be called Kingdom Hearts must be my Dominion!

Damemon: Myotismon! No! Don't do this!

Myotismon: I not gonna do command from you.

He Summon his Heartless

Wizarmon: Worthless.

He Summon the Dusk, and then they after Shoutmon and his friends 

Shoutmon: Yikes!

Myotismon stop the Dusk and he create a Barrier for Shoutmon and his friends

Myotismon: While I keep these creatures away, you have to figured a way to vanquish them- forever!

Gumdramon: Myotismon!

Then the Dusk covered him

Myotismon: Don't ever misunderstand me. I will have my revenge on you again.

Damemon: Myotismon!

Myotismon: Leave! At once!

Shoutmon: Not gonna happen!

He's gonna Save him, but Jibanyan stop him

Jibanyan: Shoutmon! We have to go!

Shoutmon: But... what about...

They saw him Disappeared 

Wizarmon: Now then, where were we?

He Summon the Heartless

Shoutmon: Why would they siding with you!?

Wizarmon: The Heartless ally with whoever's the strongest.

They are fighting and they release the hearts 

Wizarmon: That's it. Shoutmon, Gumdramon, Damemon. Make more Hearts. And transfers them to our Partners in the Real World.

He disappeared 

Shoutmon: Oh No. The Hearts.

They are fighting the Heartless

Shoutmon: (Voice) Maybe everything we done.

Damemon: Maybe it was all for nothing...

Gumdramon: what can we suppose if I can't use our power?

Myotismon: Fools... you cannot trusted to do anything.

Shoutmon: Hmm?

Then a Light appeared


Metal and Choas saw a Light

Metal: Shoutmon! Gumdramon! Damemon! Jibanyan! USApyon! Komasan! Komajiro! Whisper!

Choas: It's alright. Those 8 are not gone. The Digimon Chosen One's. They are lucky Digimon.

He saw a Beam of light

Metal: See you later.


At the Round Room

Wizarmon: Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon knows the truth now. The more Heartless that they defeats, the closer they is to becoming our perfect puppet. This new knowledge will make them that much harder to control.

?????: What does it matter? Whatever his circumstances, they has never been able to help themselves from saving people from the Heartless. It's what their pure little heart wants.

A Dice has been toss and it grab

????? 2: See this- the dice has been cast. Things are in motion. They can't stop this.

???? 3: Nothing is set in stone. If the dice aren't in your favour, you will share Divermon's Fate.

????? 2: The fun is in not knowing, isn't it? What is the point of getting in something if you already know the outcome?

????? 1: Are you saying that defeating him won't detail the Organization's plan?

Apocalymon: If he is to be deleted so easily, he is not use for us.

????? 2: I quite like that word. It's not I'm my nature to hold back.


At the Galaxy Train

Shoutmon: I guess sometime help comes from an unexpected places.

USApyon: Sure does, Dani.


They have been surrounded by the Heartless

Shoutmon: Maybe everything we done.

Damemon: Maybe it was all for nothing...

Gumdramon: what can we suppose if I can't use our power?

Myotismon: (Voice) Fools... you cannot trusted to do anything.

Shoutmon: Hmm?

They have been dragging away from the Darkness and they are in the Realm of Darkness 

Whisper: Where... are we?

Shoutmon: I think we're in the Realm of Darkness. Taiki! Psychemon! Ryouma!

Gumdramon: Taigiru! Dracmon! Ren!

Damemon: Yuu! Opposummon? With?

Jibanyan: Keita!

USApyon: Inaho!

They saw Person carried a Box on his hand

USApyon: Who are you?

He disappeared and leave the Box here, USApyon picked it up

Shoutmon: It's that a Box?

USApyon: I think so.

Komajiro n Do you think you should open...

He already open it and it contain a Photo and an Ice Cream

Komasan: This?

He gave a picture to Shoutmon

Komajiro: Monge. This is Gang from Digital Twilight Town. There is Gabumon, Patamon, Tentomon, Gomamon, Biyomon, Gatomon, Palmon, Armadillomon.. and those.... Um

Shoutmon: Veemon.

Gumdramon: Dorumon.

Damemon: Hawkmon.

Jibanyan: You know those three?

Shoutmon: No. The name just pop into my head. This Veemon, Dorumon and Hawkmon.

Gumdramon: I know that Name.

Damemon: Me too. But, I wonder why?

Komasan is gonna eat the ice cream 

Komajiro: Brother. Are you sure, you want to eat...

He already eat the Ice cream 

Komajiro: That?

Komasan: Salty... no... Sweet!

Then it's Glowing, Shoutmon know what he must do, he put his Xros Loader down and create a Xros Heart Symbol, the Ice Cream is Glowing and it created a Great, Shoutmon aim it and he got it

Shoutmon: Not yet! We're gonna look for our partners!

Flashback has ended

Whisper: A Photo and a Ice Cream. Hmm... I think those two were clues. I wonder who gave it to us?

Shoutmon: Psychemon?

Whisper: What? No way, that's him. But you think?

Shoutmon: I have this Feeling, okay?

USApyon: Hey! We're almost there!

Shoutmon: Hold on. What if the Heartless are back. We can't use our power it will only help the Organization Digimon.

Komasan: But Shoutmon, I think you, Gumdramon and Damemon have to use it. If we don't fight. The Heartless will keep hurting the People.

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