Origin of the DinoAdventure Squad is the prequel to the Dino Clopman's Adventures series created by Dinoco95.


Dino Clopman is an ordinary Pegasus living in Whinnypeg until the day changelings attack using strange creatures from another world called Bakugan. During the assualt, Dino meets one of these Bakugan who is trying to protect Equestria and Vestroia. Dino uses him to fight the changelings' Bakugan. After the battle, Queen Chrysalis appears with her Bakugan, Vladitor, saying that she will send her minions into other worlds to steal the love from there.

Princess Celestia then arrives and informs Dino that she knew about this attack and Leonidas, the good Bakugan, tells Dino an ancient Vestroian legend about how Chrysalis would send her underlings in Vestroia, brainwash some of the Bakugan, and use them to invade the other worlds. But one brave Bakugan is sent to the world of the Chosen One (Dino) to ally with him, travel through the multiverse and defeat the changelings. Celestia gives Dino 17 more Bakugan that where saved earlier, then says that he and Leonidas must go to the human world.

They do so, and Dino meets three unique animals and a robot also mentioned in the legend. They choose their Bakugan, and the newly formed DinoAdventure Squad sets off to stop the changeling menace.


  • It's revealed that MattLin and CatDog are escaped genetically modified animals from a top secret laboratory.

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