This is the episode script for Connor Lacey's Adventures of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

[Theme song]

[The story begins with Nooroo telling the story]

Nooroo: Many centuries ago, magic jewels bestowing extraordinary powers were created. These were... the Miraculous. Throughout history, heroes have used these jewels for the good of the human race. Two of these Miraculous are more powerful than the others; the earrings of the Ladybug, which provide the power of creation; and the ring of the Black Cat, which gives the power of destruction. According to legend, whoever controls both these jewels at the same time, will achieve absolute power.

Ryan Repulsa: My partner and I must have that power! We must have the Matrix and those Miraculous!

Nooroo: But, nobody knows where the Miraculous are.

Villain: I found you though, my little Nooroo.

Ryan Repulsa: Your Miraculous. Remind us of it's powers please?

Nooroo: The Moth Brooch allows you to give someone their own superpowers and to make that person your devoted follower!

Ryan Repulsa: But, when it comes luring heroes like the Power Rangers, would it be fun to create super villains?

Nooroo: But, the Miraculous are not meant to be used for evil purposes.

Villain: I must have this absolute power! Your Miraculous is in my control! I am your master now, and you must obey me.

Nooroo: (sadly) Yes, master.

[Ryan Repulsa pulls out his Moth Miraculous and puts it on]

Ryan Repulsa and Villain: Nooroo, Dark wings. Rise!

[They felt power and they transform]

Ryan Repulsa: Oh Yeah. The power! The absolute power! From this day forth, partner... you will be known as...

Hawk Moth and Ryan Repulsa: Hawk Moth!

[The two villains laugh. Meanwhile, in the city of Paris, Connor Lacey and his team look around]

Connor Lacey: Ryan did call me that he and his team is going to Paris.

Misty: Good to know. But, why did Sci-Ryan has a bad dream about a guy in a purple suit and Ryan Repulsa?

Ash Ketchum: I think he see that he can see a vision. You know. At least Sci-Ryan has his Swan Princess friend. What name did she call herself?

Connor Lacey: I think it's Odette. I met her in Odette's world.

Misty: Well. I watched that movie. And you think Ryan was a.... a....

Connor Lacey: Swan? Yes.


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