This is the transcript of Origins of Mega Evolution in Team Robot In Pokemon XY The Series.

(The episode begins)









James: If it's not in that codgers room.

Jessie: Then it's got to be here somewhere let's find it.

(Wobbuffet speaks loud) 

Primus: (Whispers) Be quiet, you stupid Pokémon! You want to get us all caught?!

(Now the villains enter the heroes' room, while the heroes are sleeping and the villains are looking for the scroll)

Meowth: Zip-zero, nonda

James: Nothing in here.

(Then Dabio sees the DigiDestined's crest and tries to grab them, but Primus grabs his hand just in time and then teleports. Then we see Rigby sleeping, then his stomach growls, he gets out of bed and walks away to the kitchen. Now we go back to the villains)

Primus: (Whispers) What are you doing you idiot!? If you touch the DigiDestined's crest. They'll wake up, and we'll be forced to retreat and never get the scroll! Do you understand?!

Dabio: Yes...

Primus: Good. Now get back to work idiots, and find the scroll before it's day time.









Korrina: Ready?

Matt Ishida: Ready, Garurumon!

Garurumon: Yes!

Korrina: Mega Evolve! (She touches her keystone)

Matt Ishida: Do it, Garurumon! (His Crest of Friendship glows)

(Korrina's Lucario mega evolves into Mega Lucario and Garurumon digivolve into WereGarurumon)

Serena: Is that?

Korrina: Yes.

Yoshi: Check out, Garurumon!

Krader: Garurumon digivolve!

Matt Ishida: Yep. He is now WereGarurumon!

Primus: WereGarurumon? So Garurumon manage to digivolve into his ultimate level. Ha! You're Ultimate Level Digimon cannot defeat me!

WereGarurumon: Just you wait and see who's the strongest, Primus!

Korrina: Ready, Lucario!

Matt Ishida: Get them, WereGarurumon!

WereGarurumon: With pleasure!

(WereGarurumon charges and fights Primus)

Jessie: So knock yourselves out! Use Shadow Ball!

(Pumpkaboo fires Shadow Ball)

Korrina: Lucario use Bone Rush!

(Mega Lucario uses Bone Rush and hits Shadow Ball attack)

WereGarurumon: Garuru Kick!

(He kicks the Shadow Ball attack and hits the Villains and sending them blast off into the sky)

Team Rocket & Team Robot's Enemies: We're blasting off again!

(Wobbuffet drops the scroll as Korrina catches it)

Ash Ketchum: Korrina, Lucario Matt and WereGarurumon are so amazing! Don't you think so too, buddy? And we can battle them tomorrow! I can hardly wait all set!

Primus: (Growls in anger) Grrr!!! You have won this time. But you can keep you're scroll of secrets, and you can go back to sleep. We'll be back!

(Primus teleports to escape)  

Mark EVO: He's getting away again!

N.A.N.O.: We'll get him next time.

Korrina: Here it is, we got the scroll back!

Gurkinn: Well done, you made me very proud.

T.K. Takaishi: Yay! (He hugs his brother) Wow that was so cool, Matt! You're the awesomeness big brother! And so as Korrina and Mega Lucario too.

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