Other Power Rangers is like the team they are in each season all the other team with their zords. In every season the Rangers join the other warriors in the team, like Megaforce Green Ranger (Gosei Green) from the sentai counterpart And dino charge guardian Rangers too.

Other Legendary Past Power Rangers

Masked Rangers

Jacker Rangers

Battle Rangers

Power Rangers

Sun Rangers

Super Rangers

Dyna Force

Bio Storm

Beast Blitz

Sonic Prism

Spirit Force

Bio academy

Street Fighters

Geo Force

Sky Force

Other Legendary Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin

Color Role
Mighty Morphin Titanus Ranger George Williams


Color Role
Tor Ranger Stephan Anderson





Color Role
Black Turbo Ranger Clement Adams
White Turbo Ranger Alexandra

In Space

Color Role
Galactic Space Ranger Karone Hammond (Past Self)
Green Space Ranger Jonathan Chan

Lost Galaxy

Color Role
Galaxy Crimson Ranger Franklin Brown
Galaxy Navy Ranger James Rose
Galaxy Silver Ranger Diana Morgan
Galaxy Purple Ranger Karone Hammond (Past Self)

Lightspeed Rescue

Color Role
Lightspeed White Ranger Aiden Grayson

Time Force

Color Role
Time Force Black Ranger Rex Lo
Time Force Orange Ranger Jay Moore
Time Force Purple Ranger Sally Benson
Time Force Azure Ranger Mindy Rose
Time Force White Ranger Stella Regis
Time Force Teal Ranger Brian Strong

Wild Force

Color Role
Wild Force Cyan Ranger Miley Wilson
Wild Force Orange Ranger Jacob Madison
Wild Force Onyx Ranger Kasumi Drew
Wild Force Polar Ranger Arnold Drew
Wild Force Jungle Ranger Tom Evans
Wild Force Azure Ranger Sullivan Palman
Wild Force Purple Ranger Samuel Brown
Wild Force Green Ranger Rick Battlion
Wild Force Marine Ranger Paul Battlion
Wild Force Jade Ranger Anna Lee
Wild Force Crimson Ranger John Parker
Wild Force Pink Ranger Odette

Ninja Storm

Color Role
White Ninja Storm Ranger Mel
Indigo Ninja Storm Ranger Furby
Gold Thunder Ranger Gabrella Bradley
Green Ninja Storm Ranger Pablo Johnson
Mammoth Ninja Storm Ranger Anthony Vandom

Dino Thunder

Color Role
Dino Thunder Purple Ranger Serena Farris
Dino Thunder Cyan Ranger Melman Ford
Dino Thunder Green Ranger Alexi Poporof
Dino Thunder Orange Ranger Keith Anderson
Dino Thunder Indigo Ranger Arthur Swanson
Dino Thunder Silver Ranger Roney
Dino Thunder Gray Ranger Jose Rodriguez
Dino Thunder Pink Ranger Krista Natura
Dino Thunder Gold Ranger Nate James
Dino Thunder Pyro Ranger Ken
Dino Thunder Navy Ranger Lester Berenstain
Dino Thunder Phantom Ranger Michael Randall
Dino Thunder Teal Ranger Marty Anderson


Color Role
S.P.D. Gold Ranger Ally Samuels

Mystic Force

Operation Overdrive

Jungle Fury


Super Samurai

Color Role
White Samurai Ranger Megan
Orange Samurai Ranger Tim
Cyan Samurai Ranger Misa
Black Samurai Ranger Andy
Silver Samurai Ranger Brian

Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Color Role
Megaforce Green Ranger Nathan Perry

Dino Charge

Color Role
Dino Charge Yellow Ranger Lili Rose
Dino Charge Orange Ranger Peter Russell
Dino Charge Azure Ranger Rex Watkins
Dino Charge Magenta Ranger Vanessa
Dino Charge Crimson Ranger Shermy Williams
Dino Charge Indigo Ranger Johnny
Dino Charge Vermilion Ranger Princess Towa
Dino Charge Lavender Ranger Mindy Cooper
Dino Charge White Ranger Sullivan Anderson
Dino Charge Lime Ranger Mei
Dino Charge Colbat Ranger Duncan Randall
Dino Charge Scarlet Ranger Kristen Navarro
Dino Charge Turquoise Ranger Sharon Watanabe
Dino Charge Bronze Ranger Annie Morgan

Ninja Steel

Energy Chasers

Color Role
Guardian Energy Chaser Ranger Noin


Wild Prime



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