All Other Rangers

All Other Rangers

"Others" is a term Saban (aka Toei) uses to classify Rangers with colors other than their six most common colors, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black and Pink. Among what is classified as "others" are White, Gold, Silver as well as the rarer instances of Orange, Purple and those with Unclassified Colors. "Others" can also apply to extra heroes. Dino Charge adds a new color to this categroy, Gray. In some cases they include Rangers with varying shades of the more common color, or other Heroes that loosely associate with Rangers.

Other Color Rangers

White Rangers

Orange Rangers

Purple Rangers

Gold Rangers

Silver Rangers

Gray Rangers

Teal/Turquoise Rangers

Color Name
Rocket Paul Gordon
Mighty Morphin Teal Ranger David Taylor
Teal Squadron Ranger David Taylor (Past Self)
Teal Ninjetti Ranger David Taylor (Past Self)
Teal Zeo Ranger Rob Strong
Teal Turbo Ranger Daniel Johnson
Teal Space Ranger Derek Grayson
Galaxy Teal Ranger Furby Morgan
Time Force Teal Ranger Brian Strong
Dino Thunder Teal Ranger Marty Anderson
S.P.D. Teal Ranger Melvin Daily
RPM Turquoise Ranger Lex Timothy
Dino Charge Turquoise Ranger Sharon Watanabe
T.Q.G. Turquoise Ranger Samantha Libman
Turquoise Dolphin Ranger Simon Hara
Turquoise Data Squad Ranger Princess Marina

Bronze/Brown Rangers

Color Name
Dino Thunder Pyro Ranger Ken
S.P.D. Bronze Ranger Tyson Tate
RPM Bronze Ranger Gemmy
Brown Samurai Ranger Richard Brown
Dino Charge Bronze Ranger Annie Morgan
Bronze Energy Chaser Ranger Rex
T.Q.G. Bronze Ranger Anthony Van Pelt
Bronze Data Squad Ranger Rigby
Tan Data Squad Ranger Babs Seed

Indigo Rangers

Color Name
Indigo Turbo Ranger Irma Thaw
Indigo Ninja Storm Ranger Furby
Dino Thunder Indigo Ranger Arthur Swanson
Knight Wolf Koragg
RPM Indigo Ranger Peter Wilson
Dino Charge Indigo Ranger Johnny
T.Q.G. Indigo Ranger Eddie Carson
Indigo Data Squad Ranger Princess Kelly

Other Color Heroes

Other Turquoise Heroes

Color Name
Cure Nature Eliza Mckenzie
Glitter Shy Kate MacDonald
Pine Arabian Cure Fortune
Cure Legales
Cure Gelatin Coleman Airson
The Turquoise Fairy Princess Gerda
The Emerald Fairy Princess Wendy
Turquoise Tree of Knight Mami Nanase
The Cardcaptor Kyle Johnson
Turquoise Witchling Penny
The Turquoise Mermaid Princess Yuri
The Flower Mermaid Princess Marika
Saddle Rager Posey (G1)
The Flower Turquoise Princess Miranda
The Nicest One Breezie
The Joyful One Bliss
Fairy of the Waves Layla
The Myth of Sirenix Daphne
The Mint Fairy J.H.
Turquoise Spy Gabriella
The Kindness Fun Girl Popuri
Sailor Victoria Nicky Kise
Turquoise Dolphin Ranger Gunz Lazar
Mew Mew Broccoli Wanda Anderson
TomahawkMan.EXE Dingo
Fairy of Ice Kole
Turquoise School Girl Anne
Janken Turquoise Emerald
Flower Turquoise Emerald Clover
Windy Breezie Marley Watson
Diving Bliss Kevin Winddale

Other Bronze Heroes

Color Name
Cure Tranquil
The Bronze Mermaid Princess Nuts
The Bronze Fairy Princess Eve
Sailor Lilith Tara Misumi
Bronze Energy Chaser Ranger George

Other Teal Heroes

Color Name
Cure Emerald
Pilot Boy Pazu
The Teal Mermaid Princess Mint
The Teal Fairy Princess Chloe
Witch of Ice Icy
Sailor Neptune Michelle Kaiouh
F-99 Teal Marsha Rizarov
Samurai Soul Kairi Sanjou
Time Force Teal Ranger Jeff the Dog
Teal Zeo Ranger Cinnamoroll

Other Brown Heroes

Color Name
Cure Chocolate
Cure Cookie Berta Santo
Steamboy James Ray Steam
Brown Witchling Alissa
The Tan Mermaid Princess Gabriella
Sailor Fortuna Chihiro Origino
Shoku Warrior of Earth Clay
Keyblade Welder (Brown) Terra
Shackle Regalia Persona Unleashed Ira Gamagōri
Strong Caveman Gnarrk
Animal Fighter Pantha
F-99 Brown Chao Lee
Guardromon's Tamer Kazu
Legendary Warrior of Wood Teruo
Brown Bear Ranger Hideaki Hikawa
Brown School Girl Ellie

Other Indigo Heroes

Color Name
Cure Aurora Casey Wilford
Glitter Kindness Abigail Bluecloud
Cure Tender Maria Destien
Blueberry Isis Cure Oasis
Cure Violet
Cure Tart Robin Scotts
The Midnight Fairy Princess Vida
The Indigo Fairy Princess Katie
Witch of Darkness Darcy
Indigo Ice of Knight Saeko Aino
Indigo Witchling Laura Moonviolet
Violet Witchling Gia
Sapphire Girl Indigo
Storm Landers Thunder & Lighting
The Indigo Mermaid Princess Eriru
The Midnight Mermaid Princess Sae
Sailor Iris Violet Murakawa
The Marvelous One Bolt
The Heroic One Blaster
Beat Jumper Nagihiko Fujisaki
Indigo Condor Ranger John Anderson
Knight Wolf Charlie the Chipmunk
ShadowMan.EXE Dusk
Flower Indigo Bluebell
Indigo Turbo Ranger Chris
Indigo Sky Misty
Thunder Bolt Sandra Black
Cosmic Blaster Riley Faust
Indigo Floral Magician Tanzanite Bell



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