Our Munny is Gone

(She catches up to his friends in the station. Conner bends at the teller and holds out five fingers)

Conner: Five students!

Randy: Alice, the money!

Alice: Wait--

(Alice searches herself for where she put the munny pouch)

Alice: No!

Conner: Huh?

(Alice looks back out toward the plaza and remembers the cloaked person picking her up)

Alice: He took it!

(Alice begins to run outside into the plaza)

Abby: Where are you going?

Alice: Remember when I fell? I had the money before that. I bet that guy took it!

Conner: Guy?

Alice: He couldn't have gotten too far...

Conner: What are you talking about?

(Conner remembers Alice outside getting herself up)

Conner: There was no guy.

(The train station bell wakes Alice up)

Alice: Huh? But he... There wasn't... Really?

(The train whistle blows and they realize they've missed it)

Toby: Oh boy...

Alice: There wasn't anyone...there?

(Conner, Randy, Toby, and Abby leave the Station)

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