[Del Spooner wakes up, and his alarm clock is on, and he turns off the alarm. Then, he turn on the song "Thing of Beauty", takes a bite of the apple pie, exercise while it's playing, takes a shower]

Spooner: [singing along with the radio] Thing of beauty.

[Spooner has his cloths on and goes down stairs

NS-4: Good morning sir. Yet another on-time delivery from...

Spooner: Get the heck out of my face, canner.

NS-4: Have a nice day.

[Chicago 2035 shows up]

Commercial voice: And we believe our Destination Anywhere package to be the best value. Let us take you to your dream destination aboard our orbital spaceplane, the X-82. Try Jazztown's synthetic Chicago-style pizza. Tastes as good as you remember. Glowfish! The world's hottest-selling transgenic treats. Your children will love the new colors too!

[The TARDIS appears and Doctor Aaron and the other exit it.]

Doctor Aaron: Well here we are, Chicago in the year 2035.

Indigo Zap: 2035!! Awesome!

Lemon 2035!! Awesome!

Cynder: That means we're in the future.

Doctor Aaron: Ok everyone, let's stay together so we don't lost.

Batty Koda: [Noteices Del Spooner] Hey, who's that black guy over there?

Puppy Spike: Maybe we'll find out who he is introduced ourselves.

Juniper Montage: Well I suppouse right. Let's go.

NS-4: Excuse me. sir.

Announcer: Total performance. Total readiness. Total security. So goodbye to upgrades and service calls. An uplink to USR's central computer...provides this state-of-the-art robot with new programs daily. The Nestor Class 5 is tomorrow's robot today.

Farber: Spoon! Spoonie! Hold up. Hold on! Excuse me. excuse me. Spoon. where you been at?

Spooner: Just away. Farber.

Farber: Oh. yeah. away? Like vacation? That's nice. I got a favor to ask. I need to borrow your car. This is different. I got this fine-but yummy-- She is complete and agreeable. I mean. hot spankable.

Spooner: What does that even mean?

Farber: You know what it means. Let me get the dang-butt keys.

Spooner: First of all...stop using word like that. You're not good at it.

Farber: Hey look! Company.

Doctor Aaron: Greetings my good sir, Doctor Aaron Tierney at your service and with my good friends Cynder, Batty Koda, Twilight Sparkle who we somtimes call Sci-Twi, her dog Spike, Lemon Zest, Sour Sweet, Indigo Zap, Sunny Flare, and Sugarcoat.

Indigo Zap: And forget about Juniper Montage.

Doctor Aaron: Oh...right.

Spooner: My name is Detective Del Spooner.

Cynder: Nice to meet you, Del Spooner.

Farber: Give me 1 0 for the bus. then. man.

Spooner: Go home.

Farber: That's strike one. Spoon. Strike one!

[Cut to inside Gigi's apartment]

Gigi: This is such a valuable day.... You talk to Marci?

Spooner: No. Gigi. I haven't talked to Marci. When I was coming up. we didn't just marry someone... then divorce them. Then not talk to them.

Gigi: Del. don't play with me. I bet if I stopped cooking. You'd call Marci. Boy. What is that on your feet?

Spooner: Converse All Stars. vintage 2004. Don't turn your face up. I know you want some. Just ask.

Gigi: No. thank you very much.

Spooner: Sweet potato pie.

Gigi: Put that on a plate. I've seen on TV they're giving away some of them new robots in the lottery.

Spooner: You know. Gigi. those robots don't do anybody any good.

Gigi: Of all the people on God's earth, you should know better. Sometimes the stuff that comes out of your mouth! You listening to me. Del?

[Outside when Spooner sees a robot running with a woman's purse]

Spooner: Hold my pie.

Guy on the street: What? ...

Spooner: Sir, hold it or wear it. [The man grabs the pie] [Spooner chases the robot] Move!

Doctor Aaron: Hey Spooner! Wait! [Runs after Spooner]

Spooner: [chasing the robot] Freeze! Hey! Stop! Stop! [catches the robot] I said... STOP!! Relax. Relax. I'm a police officer.

[Doctor Aaron and the others catch up]

Sci-Twi: What was that about?

Asthmatic Woman: [After Spooner "arrests" her robot] You... [inhales with her inhaler] are an butthole.

Spooner: Ma'am, is that your purse?

Asthmatic Woman: Of course, it´s my purse, I left my inhaler at home. He was running it out to me.

Sugarcoat: Go figure.

Cynder: Tell me about it.

Spooner: I saw the robot running with the purse and naturally I assumed...

Asthmatic Woman: What? Are you crazy?!

Sour Sweet: [sourly] Who are you calling crazy?!

NS-4 Robot: I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, Officer.

Asthmatic Woman: Don't apologize. You were doin' what you're supposed to be doin'. [To Spooner] But what are you doing!?

Juniper Montage: He was trying to his job.

Spooner: [Embarrassed] Have a lovely day, ma'am.

Batty Koda: Come on let's get out of here before we cause a scene.

Doctor Aaron: Good call.

Asthmatic Woman: You're lucky I can't breathe, or I'd walk all up and down your butt!

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