Here's how out at sea and the Kraken attacks the crew in Equinelantis: The Lost Equestrian Kingdom.

[We see Double-D vomiting on the side of the ship]

Edd: Do we have to take a ship? [vomits]

Mucker: Of course, the Princesses told us that the city was struck by a wave.

Equine on speaker: Attention, please load to the launch bay. Final loading is in ten minutes.

Edd: well, we better head in.

[Mucker and Edd then come into the loading dock]

[The elevator goes down and there was a huge submarine]

Edd: Wow, what a big submarine.

???: Hey guys, you're here too?

[Ronald walks up]

Thomas: Cinders and ashes! What are you doing here Ronald?

Ronald: We're here to help you find the lost city of Equinelantis.

Everyone: Hi Thomas, Twilight, and Brian.

Grimace: Hi, Thomas, Twilight, and Brian.

???: Daring Do.

[Daring Do looks back and sees Indiana Jones]

Daring Do: Well, well, well. If it isn't my ol' partner Indiana Jones.

[the 2 shake hoof and hand]

Indiana Jones: Ya think I'd mess a chance to find some amazing city with my partner?

Daring Do: I guess not.

???: Hey Brian.

[Ash and his friends walk up]

Brian: Ash! What are you doing here?

Ash: We heard you guys are looking for a lost city. So we decided to join with you guys.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

???: And us too.

[Sven walks up with Kristoff and Olaf]

Olaf: Hi. I'm Olaf, and I like warm hugs.

Yuna: Nice to meet to you.

Olaf: Same goes to you.

Kristoff: I'm Kristoff and this is my reindeer Sven.

Sven: [waves his foot]

???: Hello my friends.

[Alan Grant walks up]

Twilight: Dr. Grant?

Mucker: You're here for this expedition too?

Alan: Yes. I'm taking a break with dinosaurs, and doing something else.

Steam Mech: Sounds good enough for me.

???: And me.

[The O'Connels and Ardeth Bay came up]

Gordon: Rick O'Connel.

Rick O'Connel: Thomas the tank engine, Twilight Sparkle, and Brian Griffin. It's been a while.

Thomas: Indeed Rick.

???: Aw, there you guys are.

[The Star Fleet, Cross-Hairs, Drift and Hound walk up]

Hound: S'up.

Ten Cents: Hey, you guys.

Thomas: Ten Cents! Guys, good to see you all.

Cross-Hairs: You too Thomas. How's the Prime life for ya?

Thomas: It's really something.

Kanan Jarrus: You can say that again.

[the Ghost crew walks in]

Edd: Aw, Ghost Crew, good to see you.

Hera Syndulla: Same here.

Princess Celestia: And everyone this is our guide leading us to the city, General Horick.

General Horick: A pleasure to meet you all.

Equine on speaker: Attention all personal, launch will commence in 5 minutes.

Henry: That's our cue.

Yuna: To Equinelantis!

Skyla: Here we come!

[the hatches are shut and doors are closed]

Ernie: Take her down.

Soilder: Dive, dive!

[the crewman then all shout orders and then pulls some controls, as the sub releases from the chains and lands in the sea]

[the ship dives deep into the sea and the all the lights come on and the sub starts moving forward]

[Brian heads for his room, then he sees Stewie]

Brian: Stewie?

Stewie: Hey Brian.

Brian: You're on this expedition too?

Stewie: Yeah, where else am I gonna be?

Equine on speaker: Brian Griffin. Please report to the bridge.

Brian: I gotta go, see ya.

Stewie: Nice seeing you too Brian.

[On the bridge]

Princess Celestia: We appreciate you all for joining us on this expedition to find our lost home.

[everyone gives out sayings of thanks]

Princess Celestia: It won't be easy getting into the first section to Equnielantis.

Princess Luna: For, it is guarded by a creature so frightening, saliors are driven mad by it.

Ernie: What kind of creature is this?

Princess Celestia: [shows a picture] This is an illustration of the beast that guards the entrance of Equinelantis. Called: "The Kraken".

Zeb: Doesn't look to bad too me.

Princess Luna: Many ships have tried to find Equinelantis themeselves before. There's even a history story of where a Spanish Pirate crew tried to find it but their ship was attacked and pulled underwater. Some even say it can shoot fire out from its beaked mouth. But it may just be an old foal's tale or something.

Rick O'Connel: Okay, first we see this beast, then what?

Princess Luna: Well, [starts drawing a diagram] According to the journel, there's a cavern at the bottom of the sea that will allow us to go up a curve into an air pocket right here.

Princess Celestia: And there is a road which will lead us to Equinelantis.

Roberta Bravo: Kinda sounds like a simple run if you ask me.

Sabine Wren: (spinning her one of her blasters) Don't jump to conclusions, it may look easy, but I don't think it will be easy. (reholsters the blaster)

Helmsmen: Captain! You should look at this.

Ernie: Hit the exterior lights.

[The lights come on and there are thousands of destroyed ships on the seabed]

Brian: Holy crap.

Cadance: Look at that.

Evelynn: There are ships here from every era.

Hound: Nothin' I ain't seen before.

Barret Barricade: What could of done this?

Sunlight: Guys, I don't like it here. It's dark and scary. I don't wanna be here! I wanna go home!

Sharon: Don't worry, little sister. We're gonna be just fine.

[the sub continues driving forward and shine it's lights but then mysterious creature goes by]

[In the sub, Hera then starts picking up something on the hydrophone]

Hera Syndulla: Uh, princess? I think you should hear this.

Princess Celestia: (reading the Journal in Equinelantian)

Hera Syndulla: Princess?

Princess Celestia: Find the lair of the Kraken and you will find the path to Equinelantis.

Hera Syndulla: Princess?

Barret Barricade: Surely, we must be close by now.

Hera Syndulla: Princess!

Princess Luna: Yes, Miss Syndulla, what is it?

Hera Syndulla: I'm picking up an unusual sound the hydrophone, I think you should hear it.

Princess Celestia: Put it on speakers.

Hera Syndulla: Okay, but prepare yourselves for an eerie feeling.

[Hera switches on the speakers, where an eerie sounding groaning is heard]

Indiana Jones: Oh, that can't be good.

Vinny: I got something on the [the radar spinning with a green dot] radar, and it's big.

Ernie: What is it, a pod of humpback whales?

Alan: I don't think so, it sounds bigger.

Edd: It sounds metallic. It could be an echo on one of the rocks.

Hera Syndulla: I don't think it is, that sound isn't anywhere close to the sound of a sub.

Johnathan: Uh, does it sound like it's getting louder?

[the sound stops]

Nyx: Well whatever it was. It's gone now.

Brian: Yeah, we should be safe.

Ernie: Helmsmen! Bring us about, tighten out search pattern and slow us to..

[something hits the ship]

Duncan: Whoa! What the heck was that?!

[The thing reveals to be a huge kraken attacking the ship]

Ronald: Octopus!

Franklin: That's no octopus, it's a kraken: the biggest sea monster in the world!

Sunlight: Okay, in that case. (Starts running in circles, screaming)

[On the boiler room, the alarm is going off as Roberta is racing through it where she looks over a railing and sees sea water leaking into the sub]

Ernie: Tell the cook to melt the garlic butter and bring out the bibs, I want this squid served onto a giant silver platter!

Soldier: You heard him! Battle stations!!

[the Kraken strikes the ship again]

Pepper Clark: This must of been how Captain Nemo and his crew were when the squid attacks their ship in "20000 Leages Under the Sea."

Brian: Not now!

[several men, Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, Stewie hop into the sub pods and load the torpedo bays]

[the Kraken then grabs the ship]

Yuna: Holy Moonshine! It's a robotic kraken!

[Back in the boiler room]

Roberta Bravo: Close the water tight doors!

Hanah Streaker: On it! (She throws the switch for the water tight doors)

Fireman: Come on, get out the doors! They're closing the doors!

[Several firemen race out the door as it continues closing]

Fireman: Get out the door! Go! Go! Come on, let's go! (He then gets out just as the door closes)

[The remaining firemen the try to get but each closes before they can get out untilthey reach one and manage to get out in the nick of time]

Ernie: Launch sub-pods!

Crewman: Sub-pods away!

[the sub-pods launch and then they start speeding toward the kraken]

Ernie: Fire!

[the sub-pods fire and when the torpedoes hit the beast it lets the sub go]

Ernie: We're free! All ahead full!

[the beast then starts destroying some of the sub-pods]


Crewmen: Fire torpedoes!

[they fire the torpedoes but they hardly effect the Kraken and then it fires a laser beam at the sub]

[in the boiler room, rivets start popping due to the cold sea water on the hot boilers as Roberta and Hanah race out usin coal shovels as shields as they get out of the top hatch]

Hanah Streaker: Contact the bridge!

Hera Syndulla: Engineering is on 6!

Hanah Streaker: (on radio) We took big hit down here and we're taking on water fast! And the boilers are all ready fit to burst!

Ernie: How much time do we have?

Crewman: 25 minutes if the bulkhead holds. [thump] We better make that 10.

Ernie: You heard him, let's move!

Skyla: Move, where? Move where?!

Brian: Come on! To the escape pods!

Rusty: Sound the alarm!

[everyone starts racing for the escape subs as an alarm goes off]

Equine on speaker: All hands, abandon ship.

Brian: Come on, sometime today would be nice!

[everyone boards the sub and Ernie shuts the door]

Ernie: Let's go!

Hera Syndulla: Everyone strap yourselves in!

[The Kraken comes]

Kanan Jarrus: Spector 2, get us out of here!

Hera Syndulla: (can't get the lever to budge) I'm trying!

[the kraken then fires another laser beam at the sub]

Hera Syndulla: [kicks the lever and the back hatch opens] Hang on.

[The sub explodes, while the kraken chases them]

Hera Syndulla: Now what, Princess?

Princess Celestia: We're looking for an abyss of some kind.

Ernie: There, dead ahead!

Kanan Jarrus: I see it. All craft, make your mark 30 degree down angle.

Crewman: Roger, 30 degree down angle!

Stewie: We're coming!

Zeb: We're right behind you!

[then the Kraken destroys one of the subs]

Zeb: Karabast!

Pilot: We're getting killed out here!

[the subs then start going down the abyss but the kraken then fires a laser at one of the sub pods and it explodes as another slams into one of the other subs exploding in the process.]

Crewmen: Ah!

[another crashes into to the wall and explodes leaving only 3 left]

Rarity: It's okay, we aren't going to die. It's okay, we aren't going to die. It's okay, WE AREN'T GOING TO DIE!!!!

Brian: [slaps her] Keep it together, man!

[They make their way in the tunnel, till they finally reach the surface]

[the 3 subs' hatches open as Stewie, Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, Hera, Kanan, and Ernie take a look]

Hera Syndulla: (turns on a light and shines it in the room where a roadway is found)