Here's how the SpongeRaiders arrive outside Diesel City in Diesel City Adventure: The Search for The Cartoon Flamers' instruments.

[after a while of driving down the line, a billbpoard appears]

Spongebob: Look! We're doing fantastic! Diesel City's only 55 miles away.

Blackie: We'll be there in no time!

[the train continues on, but behind the bilboard is Decastor!]

Decastor: [chuckles]

Peter: Get them, [as Charlie] stupid!

Penny Ling: Peter!

[then Decastor pulls onto their line and gives chase]

Zim: Hmm? [looks back] Ah! Sponge, we've got a follower!

Spongebob: [looks back] It's a diesel and it's the one from the video!

Decastor: That's right.

[Music score - Thomas & Friends Misty Island Rescue - the chase starts playing]

Edd: Oh my! Hightail it, Sponge!

[Spongebob opens the regulator to full power]

Decastor: Oh, no you dont!

Peter: Yeah, get them!

Yuna: [sounding sick] Don't tell him to chase them!

[the 2 trains race on down the line as Pablo is almost about to have another Panic attack]

Uniqua: Okay. Pablo, this is not the time to flip out!

Tasha: Control yourself!

Pablo: Alright. Don't flip out, Pablo. Don't flip out.

Tasha: Don't flip out, try to hold steady! Keep yourself cool 'til we escape this diesel!

Uniqua: Don't flip out, take off your shoes! Maybe close your eyes, take a little snooze!

Tasha: You can twiddle your thumbs, you can tap your feet!

Uniqua: You can twitch your nose or bounce in your seat!

Tasha: You can stick out your tongue, and waggle it about!

Pablo: But whatever I do...I can't flip out!

Tasha and Uniqua: Don't flip out!

Pablo: That's our main request.

Tasha and Uniqua: Don't flip out!

Pablo: That would be the best!

Tasha and Uniqua: Don't flip out!

Pablo: That's the main point!

Tasha and Uniqua: Don't flip out! Or you'll wreck this joint!

Uniqua: Please stay cool, don't get hot!

Tasha: 'Cause this valley's a trecherous spot!

Pablo: There's boulders and canyons, and cliffs and stuff! If they start to fall, this'll all get rough!

Uniqua: You can look out the window and count to ten!

Tasha: You can wiggle your ears, and wiggle them again!

Pablo: I can whisper very quiet, or scream and shout!

Tasha and Uniqua: But whatever ya do...... Just Don't flip out!

Pablo: Don't flip out!

Tasha and Uniqua: This is all we ask!

Pablo: Don't flip out!

Tasha and Uniqua: That's your main task!

Pablo: Don't flip out!

Tasha and Uniqua: That is job one!

Pablo: Don't flip out!

Tasha and Uniqua: And we'll get our job done!

Uniqua: Whatever you do....

Tasha: Whatever you do......

Pablo: Whatever I do, I won't flip out.

Uniqua: Whatever you do...

Tasha: Whatever you do...

Pablo: Whatever I do!

All: Don't flip out!

Pablo: Okay, okay.

Mr. Blik: That's it? It'll take more than a song to keep him from panicing!

Sheen: Blik, this is not the time to point fingers at this! We have that diesel on our tail!

[then Pablo leaves the coach]

Pablo: Alright, Blik. You'll see I more than I appear.

[he then goes to the back of the caboose and gets on the steps]

Pablo: Alirght, here goes. Just have to wait for the right time.

[then at the right time, he makes a jump for it!]

[he then lands on the ground and rolls down the hill before hitting a tree]

[Fsdes to the present]

Cleveland: Oh, my God!

Peter: Yeah, what a loser!


Vinnie Terrio: Yeah! I knew that harsh putburst wasn't fair!

Sunil Nevla: You think?! It made Pablo so sad it made him commit suicide!

Skyla; (sounding sick) NOOO!!! HOW COULD PABLO COMMIT SUICIDE?!

Human Rarity: You are rude gentlemen to a poor penguin.

Peter: Oh, my God! Who the hell cares?

Human Rarity: [punches Peter]

Peter: Ow!

Human Rainbow: You stink! And now Pablo's dead because you were extremely rude to him!

Peter: I was making a joke, and you punch my head?!

Human Rarity: Because of the rude remarks you said about Pablo!

Penny Ling: I don't wanna listen to the story anymore, now that Pablo's dead!

Skyla: [sounding sick] Nor do I... ACHOO!!!

Blackie: It's okay, Pablo's not dead.

Peter: He's not?

Snowdrop: [sounding sick] You mean good things can still happen?

SpongeBob: Of course, Snowdrop. I'm sure good things will happen. I mean who wants to hear a story with a sad ending?

Zoe Trent: I wouldn't.

Sunil Nevla: Nor would I, espically if one of our dear friends dies.

Pepper Clark: And Pablo's the main hero! He can't die!

Quagmire: Titantic.

Brian: What?

Quagmire: Titanic was a story and it had a sad ending.

Human Fluttershy: That was just a movie.

Russel Ferguson: We're ready for you to proceed, Blackster.

Blackie: Right, after Pablo jumped off and get knocked out...

[it fades back to the story]

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