Sixth Rangers are rangers who are generally introduced outside of the core team. In most occasions they are the 6th to be introduced. However, the term 'sixth ranger' also applies to anyone outside the core team that starts regularly joining in battles. Sixth Rangers typically take on colors that are not used by the core team, though there are a few exceptions. There have been 18 official sixth rangers, with the Aquitar, Turbo, Lost Galaxy, and Jungle Fury Ranger teams lacking official sixth rangers, and RPM and Megaforce/Super Megaforce having two sixth rangers.

Sixth Rangers

Color Name
Black Masked Ranger Rohan Tolbert
Star Albert Smith
Universe Dean Banes
Black Byron Lashely
Dragon Kareem Brisco
Jewel Daniel Wiliams
Orange Peter Cornwell
Ranger6 Kurt Cobain
Sphinx Kylan Duskforger
Black Flint
Green Keanu Byrd
Tiger Ian Kelley
Rocket Paul Gordon
Educational Mohamed Valdez
Eagle Rick bell
Mighty Morphin Green Ranger Tommy Oliver (Past Self)
Mighty Morphin White Ranger Tommy Oliver (Past Self)
Silver Aquitar Ranger Argentius
Gold Ranger Trey of Triforia
Silver Space Ranger Zhane
Magna Defender Mike Corbett
Titanium Ranger Ryan Mitchell
Quantum Ranger Eric Myers
Wild Force Lunar Ranger Merrick Baliton
Green Samurai Ranger Cameron Watanabe
Dino Thunder White Ranger Trent Fernandez-Mercer
S.P.D. Omega Ranger Sam
Solaris Knight Daggeron
Mercury Ranger Tyzonn Collins
Jungle Fury Gold Ranger Justin Stewart
RPM Gold Ranger Gem
RPM Silver Ranger Gemma
Gold Samurai Ranger Antonio Garcia
Robo Knight
Super Megaforce Silver Ranger Orion
Dino Charge Gold Ranger Sir Ivan of Zandar
Ninja Steel Gold Ranger Digit Cynth
Gold Energy Chaser Ranger Alex
Silver Energy Chaser Ranger Jonathan
T.Q.G. Orange Ranger Donnie Parkinson
Black Beast Ranger Kelvin Anderson
Disney Force Green Ranger Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Grey Data Squad Ranger Atticus Akito

Other Sixth Heroes

Color Name
Milky Rose Kimberly Mimino/Milk
Glitter Shine Dawn Sakagami
The Knight Fairy Samuel
Dromus Gen
Sailor Mini Moon Rini Tsukino


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