Here's how Decastor is defeated in Diesel City Adventure: The Search for The Cartoon Flamers' instruments.


Spongebob: (panting) No, you won't!

Decastor: You can run, but you can't hide! [cackles]

Littlefoot: GET BACK!!

Decastor: Coming, suckers! [laughs] Look out! Here I come! [laughs] I like my speed! [laughs then growls]

[they all race acroos a small bridge]

Decastor: Pretty fast for your types.

[somwhere else in the city, Thomas and Percy are searching with the Mane 6 for the team]

Twilight: We must find them!

Thomas: Yeah, you heard what Dash-9 said, that diesel's crazy!

1206: Hurry, hurry hurry! Faster, faster!

[they then see the top of 1206 from behind some frieght cars]

Applejack: 1206?

1206: Come on! We have to move faster than this!

[then from behind the cars, 1206 and Pablo race out]

Rainbow: Wha...

Twilight: Pablo!

[Thomas and Percy race along side the train]

Twilight: What is the meaning of this?!

Pablo: No time to explain, the team's in trouble! They're heading for the curved viaduct!

[we then see the team and Decastor approaching the curved viaduct]

Decastor: Now, you're through!

Spongebob: Head for the bridge!

[as they race into the vidact, Pablo, 1206, Thomas, and Percy are approaching fast.]

1206: Go through the tunnel! We'll cut them off and then reverse back for them!

[Back to the Raiders]

Spongebob: [panting] We're almost out of the city, we just have more bridge to go!

Edd: Hurry!

[then the train, 1206, Thomas, and Percy emerge from the tunnel and then reverse onto the viaduct and soon are paraelle with the SpongeRaiders]

SpongeBob: Look!

Pablo: Get on guys! We're getting out of here!

Spongebob: You heard him! Get on the train!

[They hop on the train and Pablo opesn the regulator to fall power]

Decastor: No! You're not escpaing that easy!

[but the SpongeRaiders train makes it across the bridge just in time]

Twilight: Well done, Pablo! Well done!

[then Decastor aproaches the bad bit of track and then when he hits it, his wheels bump off the track!]

Decastor: Oh, no!

[then he hits a rock and goes flying off the bridge!]

Decastor: FOUL PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! [he then lands into a barge of manure] Uh!

Eddy: [laughs]

Rainbow: He's sure gonna be a real "stinker" after this!

Decastor: Uh. Uh. (as Biff tannan) MANURE!! I HATE MANURE!!

[then police choppers fly above as the Diesel Squad appear on the viaduct]

Police cheif: Give yourself up! We have you surrounded!]

Decastor: no! Not the face!

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