Paging Dr. Filly
Season 2, Episode 9b
Written by LegoKyle14 and Magmon47
Directed by LegoKyle14
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Here's 17th episode for season 2 from Winnie the Pooh Goes Back at the Barnyard. Here's the Transcript.

The Beginning

(In ninja mode, Pig started making pancakes for everyone)

  • Pig: Who wants pancakes?

(Everyone was excited)

Pooh: I can't wait for them.

-Me either.

-Yep. Nothing could possibly ruin this.

(Suddenly Freddy and Peck comes in arguing and knocks down Pig)

  • Peck: I'm sick of you!
  • Freddy: I'm ignoring you!
  • Peck: It never stops!
  • Freddy: I can't hear you!

(Began fighting some more until Otis breaks them apart)

  • Otis: Guys, guys, give it rest.
  • Tigger: Yeah, you guys been fighting for the past month.
  • Peck: No, just for 2 weeks!
  • Freddy: 2 1/2 weeks!
  • Peck: 2 weeks!
  • Freddy: 2 1/2!
  • Peck: I smite you
  • Freddy: I smite you first!
  • Otis: Hey guys come on. This is a pancake brunch not a punch out in fighty town. Now sit!
  • Pig: Here you go. I pick all the hay off.
  • Peck: Pip, would you please tell the weasel to pass the syrup?
  • Pip: Dude, leave me out of this.
  • Freddy: Pip, you tell that mistake of nature he can have the syrup after he passes me the salt.
  • Pip: Oh, well in that case, no.
  • Human Pinkie Pie: Who would put salt on pancakes?
  • Peck: Tell him, only idiots eat pancakes with salt
  • Freddy: Here's your stupid syrup!
  • Peck: Here's your stupid salt, stupid. (tackles Freddy)
  • Otis: Pip, deploy the zone of silence.
  • Pip: The what of who?
  • Otis: You know that fish tank we found at the dump
  • Pip: Oh, right. (pulls the rope and a fish tank drops on Freddy and Peck)
  • Otis: Ok, let's eat.
  • Duke: I'm not hungry anymore.
  • Abby: Me either.
  • Timmy Turner: I lost my appetite.
  • Pig: Me too. (kept eating)
  • Leni: I'm getting tired of their fighting.
  • Pip: Yeah, first they ruined Brocoli Wendsday and now they make a mockey every other Thursday
  • Otis: I know. They never used to fight. We got to get them to be friends again.
  • Lynn: Uhhh, how exactly are we gonna do that?
  • Abby: You know, I'm reading a new book called, What's the Problem Here?, by that famous horse psychiatrist, Dr. Filly.
  • Duke: Really, I'm reading Heidi.
  • Wanda: Continue.
  • Abby: Anyway, Dr. Filly says when your friends are feuding, you should set up a friendship intervention.
  • Otis: Friendship intervention?
  • Sci-Twi: This could might work.
  • Mickey Mouse: But Freddy and Peck won't come if they see each other.
  • Goofy: Yeah, how we gonna to bring those together with fighting?
  • Lincoln: Well maybe we try the subliminal approach.

(Everyone began thinking and a trio of dogs hums)

  • Narrator: Later that day.
  • Bessie: Why are we here again?
  • Duke: We're having a friendship intervention for Freddy and Peck.
  • Bessie: Hmm, that what I thought. See ya.
  • Pip: Guys, here comes Peck.
  • Peck: Hi guys, I'm here for the I Hate Freddy discussion group.
  • Otis: Ok come on in.
  • Freddy: Hey, everyone. I'm here for thee Peck is a Moron infomeral seminar. (sees Peck) What in the--
  • Peck: What's he doing here?
  • Rabbit: It was the only way to get you here.
  • Otis: Your fighting is driving everyone crazy.
  • Freddy: Is not
  • Peck: Is too.
  • Otis: (locks the door) Exactly. So we brought you here to meet someone special. May I present, Dr. Filly.

(Dr. Filly comes in)

  • Dr. Filly: Hi, how is everybody doing?
  • Pig: Hey, it's the guy from the book.
  • Abby: Otis, Dr. Filly is a huge celebrity.
  • Human Fluttershy: How were you able to convince him to come over?
  • Otis: One word. Apples. (tossed Filly a apple)
  • Dr. Filly: Man, I'm as happy to be here as a polliwog at a polka festival. Now, let's get down to business. My psychology smarts are telling me that these boys here are involved in a damaging emotional conflict.

(Everyone is surprised)

  • Dr. Filly: All right. Listen up. (blows a air horn twice really loud) Now, I want you to look each other in the eye and tell me, What's the problem here?
  • Peck: Um, I hate him.
  • Freddy: Um, yeah, I hate him too
  • Dr. Filly: Come on now.

(They looked again and they both began to cry and hugged)

  • Pig: Wow color me impressed.
  • Duke: Man can intervene.
  • Donald Duck: Wow.
  • Mickey Mouse: Would you look at that?
  • Goofy: Gosh.
  • Luan: Well, he's not horsing around. (laughs) Get it?
  • Otis: Doc, that was amazing. You're a life saver. Come on, I got the rest of your apples outside. Here I'll help you load up your--
  • Dr. Filly: Now hold on. We're not done here.
  • Human Rarity: We're not?
  • Donald Duck: What are you talking about?
  • Dr. Filly: Folks, a one-eyed doodlebug can see that this barnyard is rife with emotional tension
  • Otis: What? That's crazy.
  • Lincoln: Yeah, we're like family. And we care about each other.
  • Loud Girls: Aww! Thank you, Lincoln!
  • Dr. Filly: Bingo. Family are like a bee keeper with his hair on fire. You can't tell what for. And if'n you do, he'll ask you do change.
  • Pip: What?
  • Dr. Filly: Ok for example, this little feller right here uses pancakes to smother the sad clown indside his heart.
  • Pig: It's true. (sees a pancake) Oh, finders keepers. (eats it)
  • Dr. Filly: And this little feller lives in the shadow of a best friend with whom he can never hope to compete.
  • Otis: Is that true Pip?
  • Pip: I'm not just a sidekick. I'm a person. Oh sweet cheese, it hurts!
  • Dr. Filly: And you two are mired in the pasty quicksand of your ongoing romanic tension.
  • Otis: I don't secretly love you!
  • Abby: Me either!
  • Both: (laughs nervously) Help us Dr. Filly!

(Soon everyone else begs his help)

  • Dr. Filly: Now don't get your doodly-fongs in a corn fritter. We're going to prime that sum pup and see how many polliwogs can fit in the bean hat.

(Everyone stood confuse)

  • Pip: What?
  • Human Applejack: He says he's going to stay and help you guys.

(Everyone understood that)

  • Dr. Filly: That right now you got it.

The Middle


  • Dr. Filly: Now, I always say, You can't know a person until you walk around in his shoes and found the searing pain of his bunions.
  • Pig: Question, what if these "shoes" belong to a circus clown?
  • Dr. Filly: It was only a figure of speech, son.
  • Pig: Ah, then I won't need these. (throws shoes away but accidentally at Leni and Cosmo)
  • Dr. Filly: Now, I've paired you off so you can switch roles and show each other what you really think. Abby, Otis, why don't you start us off.
  • Abby: Uh, okay. I'm Otis, I'm a good leader and I love to laugh.
  • Otis: Uh, I'm Abby. I'm a girl.
  • Pip: I'm Pig, I like unicorns and fudge.
  • Pig: I'm Pip. I'm good with a sarcastic quip, dude.
  • Duke: I'm the sheep. I'm soft a woolly.
  • Dr. Filly: No, no, no, hold on.
  • Mickey Mouse: What's the matter?
  • Winnie the Pooh: We're saying what we really think.
  • Sci-Twi: Plus nobody feelings are getting hurt.
  • Dr. Filly: Well you see, you can't get to the bottom of the meat pie, without getting some gravy on your bib.

(Everyone is confused)

  • Timmy Turner: Applejack, what's he's saying?
  • Human Applejack: He says we're not taking like seriously.
  • Dr. Filly: Exactly. You're holding back. Show me what you really think.
  • Abby: Really? Are you sure?
  • Otis: Ahh, don't worry Abbs. I can take it.
  • Abby: Well ok. (jumps on hay)Hey everybody. I'm Otis, look at me. No no, keep looking, look at me all the time. I need you to look at me right now. I need attention 24/7 and I like dressing in ladies clothes.
  • Otis: Interesting. Well I'm Abby. I have freakish upper body strength and I keep talking long after everybody stopped listening. Here I go, blabbity, blabbity, blabbity, razzle! (got hit with hay)
  • Dr. Filly: Now you're getting it. Keep it going now.
  • Pip: I'm Pig. I kick it in filth and eat everything.
  • Pig: Oh yeah? Well I'm Pig and I'm always jumping on people cause I'm to lazy to walk. (jumps on Otis)
  • Cosmo: I'm Wanda and my yakking is a big as a hippo! (turns her into a hippo)
  • Wanda: You're such a mama's boy!
  • Cosmo: I am not!
  • Wanda: (turns Cosmo into a baby) Now you are.
  • Cosmo: Hey! You made me make a poopie.
  • Luna: I'm Luan and I'm always pranking people and telling lame jokes.
  • Luan: Oh I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you! I've gone partially deaf from your horrible guitar playing!
  • Lucy: I'm Lynn, and I'm always wasting everyone's time with my sports stuff.
  • Lynn: Oh yeah, cause you're always such a ray of sunshine.
  • Lucy: At least I don't smell like crusty athletic socks.
  • Lynn: Please! Like Eau De Death is better.
  • Human Pinkie Pie: I'm Rarity. I want to everything classy and sophiscated.
  • Human Rarity: Well, I'm Pinkie. I want to party all day, every day, ALL THE TIME!!!!
  • Duke: I'm the sheep and I'm better than everyone. (bleating)
  • Sheep #1: We're Duke!
  • Sheep #2: Lick. Chew. Lick. Chew.
  • Sheep #3: We have the brain of a walnut.
  • Sheep #4: I drink toilet water.
  • Sheep #5: My tail is fascinating.

(Everyone [except Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Eeyore, Sunset Shimmer, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Lincoln, Sci-Twi, Timmy Turner and Spike] are arguing etch other)

  • Dr. Filly: Oh, yeah, that's the stuff.
  • Tigger: I think their friendship's in big trouble.
  • Lincoln: Big time.
  • Timmy Turner: Not good.

(That same day. Abby chases Otis on a tractor, Pip mocks Pig by eating a pizza, Sheeps tried to shave Duke, and the other began wrecking the place)

  • Dr. Filly: Keep it up. I sensing a emotional breakthough people.
  • Winnie the Pooh: So how are things going so far?
  • Mickey Mouse: This is getting out of control.
  • Lincoln: Yeah, and my sisters almost teared up the barnyard.

(Flashbacks to a few mintues ago)

  • Lincoln: What's going on?
  • Lori: I accidentally stepped on Lily's phone and she's making a huge deal! (Lily takes pictures of her) (fiercely) DON'T YOU DARE POST THOSE!
  • Lily: (giggles and posts photos of Lori having double chins)
  • Lori: (horrified as she screams)
  • Rabbit: And Donald is starting to holding a grude on Goofy.
  • Donald Duck: I do not hold a grude! (everyone not convienced) What?
  • Timmy Turner: My fairies are still winging it.
  • Sci-Twi: And my friends aren't speaking to each other.
  • Spike the Dog: How long do you think this will last?
  • Timmy Turner: I sure is will blow over tomorrow.
  • Narrator: Days of intensive therapy later...
  • Piglet: They're still going at each other.
  • Abby: Look at me. I'm Otis the rockstar! (breaks his guitar)
  • Otis: I lift weights to make Otis look weak and puny. (throws her dumbbells in the well)
  • Abby: My dumbbells!!! (about to throw Filly's Book)
  • Otis: And I say y'all all the time cause saying you all takes to much time. (hit with a book) Book pain!
  • Eeyore: What do we do?
  • Mickey Mouse: Maybe there's something in Philly's book that might help us.
  • Lincoln: (looks at the book and sees something) Hey Otis, you might want to take a look at this.
  • Otis: (looks) What the?
  • Abby: Otis, I never say What the. I say, "hey now", or "Heaven's to Besty's" or "wha?"
  • Otis: Something's rotten in horsey town. Come on guys.
  • Abby: Otis, come back here. We are working on our emotions!
  • Dr. Filly: Okay, breakfast, lunch, mid-day snack, pre-brunch nosh...
  • Otis: Uh, Dr. Filly
  • Dr. Filly: Huh?
  • Donald Duck: Can we ask you something?
  • Dr. Filly: Fire away.
  • Otis: Would you say that " Fighting with your friends is as wrong as a 3-legged cow with a oyster for a face"?
  • Dr. Filly: Heck No. Scrapping's good for the soul. Flushes out the hobbilty goblin. It's all good.
  • Lincoln: Just Checking.
  • Otis: We'll leave you to your apples.

(The others leave)

  • Dr. Filly: Let's see. Lunch, dinner, Linner, lupper, bibbity boop.

The Ending

  • Abby: (Packs up) Now that I know what Otis really thinks of me, I'm out of here.
  • Pig: And if I never see Pip again, if would be too late.
  • Pip: Diddo, porky.
  • Duke: Adios, furball.
  • Sheep: (says goodbye in anger)
  • Cosmo: So long Wanda!
  • Wanda: See you never!

(Everyone else says their goodbyes in anger)

  • Peck: Wait for us!
  • Freddy: Yeah, wait for us!
  • Bessie: I thought Dr. Filly cure you two losers.
  • Peck: Yes, but we're born followers.
  • Freddy: Yes, born followers.
  • Dr. Filly: I'm like what I'm seeing. Just don't touch my apples on the way out!
  • Lincoln: Guys stop!
  • Spike the dog: You been tricked.
  • Otis: Yeah, this horse is a fraud.

(Everyone is shocked)

  • Abby: Otis, how could you say that?
  • Lori: If it wasn't for him, we couldn't how much we hate each other.
  • Loud Girls: YEAH!!!!
  • Otis: He's not Dr. Filly. (brings in the real Dr. Filly) This is Dr. Filly.
  • Dr. Filly: Hello people.

(Everyone is shocked and confused)

  • Human Applejack: Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. If that's the real, Dr. Filly.
  • Duke: Compete her sentence Pig.
  • Pig: Then, whose that? (The real Dr. Filly takes the mask off the fake a reveal to be a donkey in disguise)
  • Dr. Filly: This is a disturb former patient of mine who likes to impersonate me. Chip, we talked about this.
  • Donkey: I'm so ashamed.
  • Human Rainbow Dash: Guys, how did you know he was a fake?
  • Otis: Easy, I just read a quote from his book and he didn't even recognized it.
  • Dr. Fillly: Folks this experience has probably hurt you all deeply and open gaping emotional wounds.

(Everyone agrees)

  • Dr. Filly: I though so. Well bye. Come on Chip. (leaves)
  • Otis: Wow, I can't believe we almost split up for good because of a nut job donkey.
  • Cosmo: I'm sorry guys.
  • Human Fluttershy: Us too.
  • Abby: Let's never fight again.
  • Freddy: Group hug.

(They all hugged)

  • Peck: I'm just glad everything's back to normal.
  • Freddy: Yeah.
  • Otis: Well almost everything's.

(Pig sitting on Otis head and sinking to the bottom)

  • Pig: Turns out walking's overrated.