Panthy is a seductive pantheress, who was obedient to Dagnino.


She even sometimes traps prey, by seducing them with her sexy body. She may look hot and cute, but she's very bad trouble! But she returns in Alex's adventures of Dumbo and became a member of the El Arca Big Six. But not to cause trouble but to be friends with Alex and his family. She is married to Bagheera, a member to the shell louge squad, who actually loves Panthy for her rather than her body.

It took a lot convincing, but Panthy was able to convince Bagheera to help her start a family. Simba took her place at the Ghostbusters HQ while she was escorted by Leo, Benny and her husband to the Underworld Hospital, where she gave birth to twins: A boy named Sapphire and a girl named Ruby.


  • Panthy will temporarily reprise her role as a villain by playing a stormtrooper in Star Roars.
  • In Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventure series, Panthy has a big sister/little brother relationship with Johnny.