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Paulo Nelo
is E.Z. Cook's maternal uncle in Benny, Leo e Johnny no Brasil. He has medium skin and has his hair in cornrows, and his right eye is hazel and his left is brown, and he has a mustache. He wears an orange long-sleeved shirt, a brown tie, black slacks, and brown shoes. He is Brazilian and lives in Rio. Any English-speakers who cannot pronounce his name right can just call him "Paul Nelson".

What makes him related like To E.Z. is that he married E.Z's mother's identical twin sister Olive Murphy. However, he is all alone in his home because before she could have any children, Olive died of an unknown cause. He likes old Brazilian songs, whether they are in their native language or in English, as he is singing "Mas Que Nada" while waiting for his sister-in-law and nephew (and the Fantasy Adventures Team) to arrive at the bus stop, and he sings "The Girl From Ipanema" in the car.


  • Paulo Nelo was going to be one of four main characters in "Rud, Rosalynn and Geoff's Adventures" series (in which Paulo was only going to speak Portuguese with subtitles), but the series was never started.
  • According to a letter in Benny, Leo and Johnny's Holiday in CA, Paulo has adopted the cub Starr as his own.

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