This is where Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon do numerous things to get back at Connie in The Day Connie Came.

[Soon, the Crusaders and Connie are back at School again]

Connie: [starts to leave her desk to head out for rescess but then a spitball hits her neck] Oh!

Diamond Tiara: [snickers]

Connie: [rolls her eyes as she goes out the door]

[but as she goes outside, she slips on a banana peel]

Connie: Whoa! [falls over and lands on her front] OOF!!

Sweetie Belle: Connie! [races over along with Button]

Button Mash: Are you alright?

Connie: Yeah, I'm alright.

[Sweetie Belle then uses her magic to help Connie up]

Connie: Thanks.

Sweetie Belle: Anytime.

[then As Connie walks forward, a small bit of mud hits her side]

Connie: OOH!! COLD MUD!!!

Silver Spoon: [giggles]

Connie: [shakes the mud offf and start walking for the swingset]

[but then she slips on something]

Connie: WAH!! [slides forward and flies up the slide and then lands in the sand face first]

Apple Bloom: Connie!

Scootaloo: Connie!

Connie: [spits out sand]

Scootaloo: Connie! You okay?

Connie: A little, but my legs are hurting a little. [spits out more sand] Yuck! [spits out one last bit of sand]

Diamond Tiara: [laughs]

[Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon then walk out laughing]

Silver Spoon: Well it looks like you're more clumsy than you look!

Connie: [her ears droop] I'm not clumy.

Diamond Tiara: Yes, you are! You can't even keep yourself from hitting your head on lights!

Connie: [growls]

Scootaloo: KNOCK IT OFF!! [stomps forward to them] Lay off of Connie, just because she's a girrafe doesn't mean you can mistreat her like this!

Diamond Tiara: Yes we can. Sides, why shouldn't we? This giraffe is way more richer than us!

Scootaloo: Yeah? Well at least Connie isn't a seslfish, spoiled brat like you 2 jerks are! She uses her money to help others! And she is generious!

Silver Spoon: What ever.

Scootaloo: I'm warning you, if you keep mistreating Connie, you'll be sorry.

Diamond Tiara: [sarcastically] I'm so scared.

[the 2 then walk away laughing]

Scootaloo: [helps Connie back up]

Connie: Thanks, Scootaloo.

Scootaloo: No sweat.

Apple Bloom: What is with them? Why are they treatin' ya' like this?

Scootaloo: I don't know, but Firestorm will really be mad if he catches them doing this to Connie.

Connie: Ooh, that wouldn't be good.

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