Peacekeepers Bears are a group of humanoid bears. They represent all the countries and promote world peace.


Ichabod is a faithful and handsome American Bear. He is the leader.

Annie is a beautiful and lovely British Bear.

Romeo is a lovable and confident French Bear.

Willie is a sweet and friendly German Bear.

Eustace is a cautious but courageous Italian Bear.

Jerry is a genius Russian Bear.

Quo is a graceful Chinese Panda.

Ving is a wise and unselfish Japanese Panda.

Rabu is a joyful Koala Bear.

H.C. is a strong Canadian Bear and is tough but gentle.

Amigo is a smooth Spanish Bear.

Pablo is a cool Portuguese Bear.

Gretchen is a good and anxious Belgian Bear.

Lily is a humble and shy Dutch Bear. Her personality is based on Bashful from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Eliza is a flexible, truthful Danish Bear.

Sylvia is a terrific Norwegian Bear.

Dorothy is a hopeful and loyal Luxembourgish Bear

Disko is a radiant Polish Bear.

Bea is a fair Swiss Bear.

Diana is a cuddly Swedish Bear.

Giles is a kind Filipino Bear.

Shim is helpful Thai Panda.

Travis is a talented Turkish Bear.

Mohammed is an exciting Indian Bear.

Joshua is one of Ichabod's siblings and a leader as him. He teaches the children around the world about the Bears and friendship.


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