This is the song sung in Penn Zero: Part Time Hero.


Penn (speaking): Wherever good is threatened, Heroes rise to the challenge and always save the day... except when they don't. And that's when I go to work.

I zap into dimensions every day, it's my job. Be a hero, save the world, and make things right.

Kung-fu moles, rescue trolls, punch a zombie, score a goal! I'm a robot! I'm a rabbit! I'm a knight!

Choir: Stretching, swinging, spying, flying, flipping, monster-kicking!

Penn: Boone and Sashi always sticking at my side! No villain's gonna stop...

Choir: Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero!

Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero!

Penn & Choir: Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero!

Penn (speaking): Penn Zero--aaugh!

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