This is how Percy sacrifice's himself to save his friends in Stephen and the Scraplets.

Thomas: There are too many of these things! [blasts a Scraplet]

James: I know! We can't get rid of them!

Percy: [hits a Scraplet with his Energy Axe but one starts chewing on his arm] AAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGH!!!!

Thomas: Percy!

[More Energon leaks out of Percy's leg. He manages to throw the Scraplet off and hits another with his Axe]

Percy: I can't fight on! [falls to his knees]

Thomas: [runs over] Hold on, Percy! You're going to be alright. We're going to fix this!

Percy: No, Thomas! I must sacrifice myself to save you!

Thomas: No! Percy, you can't! We can't win this fight! Not without a friend. Not without you!

Percy: [watches the last three drops of Energon leak out of his leg] I'm sorry, Thomas! Goodbye. [the last drips fall out and Percy dies]

Thomas: [lets go of Percy] Farewell, old friend.

[Thomas attacks Dreadwing and stabs his chest with his sword, killing him]

Thomas: And this time... STAY DEAD!!!

[Thomas grabs Percy's corpse and he and James race into the Space Bridge. Back on the Nemesis, Knock Out injects the cure into Percy's leg]

Thomas: I couldn't save him!

Twilight: It wasn't your fault, Thom! [rubs his back with a wing]

Rainbow Dash: Is he going to be okay?

Henry: Oh, I'm so nervous!

Pinkie: Wait! I think he's waking up!

[Percy moves slowly and sits up and comes back to life]

Percy: You did it! I'm back! Whoo! Those Scraplets have wicked teeth!

Bumblebee: Yeah. We noticed.

Percy: At least I'm okay. And Ratchet sure did good work patching up my arm.

Knock Out: If I hadn't injected that cure into you, you would not be here with us today!

Thomas: And if I hadn't left you on the battle field, Dreadwing would not have damaged you in the first place and you wouldn't be leaking Energon. Some best friend, I am.

Percy: It wasn't your fault, Thomas. And you don't have to be like that.

Thomas: But friends stick to each other till the end. I didn't. I left you, and you were almost killed. And Pinkie almost lost you.

Pinkie: Thomas, don't be like that.

Twilight: Yeah. Don't say that.

Thomas: Maybe, I don't deserve to be a Prime.

Spike: WHAT?!

Twilight: [nuzzles him] Come on, Thomas. Don't say that. You can still defend Earth, even when not in your Trainbot form.

Spike: Yeah, remember when you fought Tirek using only your gatlng guns, the Blue Ruby and the Balck Pearl?

Thomas: Yeah. But I almost got my best, best friend killed.

Twilight: Even so, you're still the great leader, I love for all you're worth.

Thomas: Thanks, Twi. You always seem to know what to say to make me feel better.

Twilight: Yeah. I think I do.

Knock Out: Anyways, I just wanted ask one thing. After battling bad guys all these years, getting pushed around, getting captured by a Decepticon bounty hunter, almost having your friend's Energon drained by an old enemy and fighting a Planet eating monster, this is how you act now?

Thomas: Uh, I wouldn't actually put that way, Knock Out.

Knock Out: Then, how would you put it?

Thomas: Well, for starter's, I would put it as remembering what happened in the past and saving a friend. 

Knock Out: I understand.

Rainbow Dash: So, just how are we gonna defeat the Scraplets and Soundwave?

Thomas: I'm not sure, I'm all out of options.

Ratchet: I guess that the only way to defeat them is to put them back in the Shadowzone.

Thomas: How do we do that though?

Ratchet: We should have to gather all the metal we can, to lure the Scraplets there.

Twilight: But that's impossible.

Percy: Soundwave will know it's a trick.

Stephen: I'll do it! [everyone turns to him] I'll defeat the Scraplets and Soundwave.

Thomas: But, Stephen, they'll kill you.

Stephen: Yeah. Suppose they could.

Ratchet: You can't risk your life, Stephen. None of us can.

Stephen: Even though I am putting my life at risk, I would hate to sacrifice myself.

Scootaloo: Yeah! Come on, Ratch'. Give Stephen a chance.

Ratchet: But it would risk the lives of other people as well as his own.

Stephen: Even if it does mean me ending my life, I would never sacrifice myself. It has been an honor knowing you all.

James: But you can't do it alone.

Stephen: Then how do you suggest I take them head on?

Apple Bloom: Well, you're the Trainbots knight. All you need is a steed to ride.

Stephen: But you're too little for me to sit on.

Apple Bloom: No, not me. Someone bigger.

Blue Dragon: [steps foward] I'll be the steed.

Ratchet: But you wouldn't be able to fly with heavy Stephen on your back.

Blue Dragon: I can too, I'm stronger than I look.

Belle: Yet, you can only breathe water.

Blue Dragon: And spit ice cubes. And I can control the temproture of the streams of water I breath.

Thomas: We know. But it would prove less than useful.

Blue Dragon: No it wouldn't!

Rachet: Yes it would!

Stephen: Stop it! Those Scraplets will continue their attack, if I don't get going now!

Thomas: Just be careful out there. We don't want either of you getting injured.

Blue Dragon: Stephen and I will be fine.

Stephen: Just relax. I won't let them harm me. [hops on the dragon]

Millie: Stephen? [Stephen stops and turns to her] If you don't make it, Connor, Caitlin, and I promise to tell the Earl that you went out like a brave steam engine should.

Stephen: [puts down his face sheild] Thank you. Millie. [takes out his lance] Onward!

[he whistles as Blue Dragon takes off]

Caitlin: Oh, I hope Steph and Blue will be okay.

Connor: Don't worry, Caitlin. They will be. At least that's what I think.

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