Percy and the Brake Van is the 5th episode of the first season of Thomas' Adventures Chronicles.


Henry tells Percy about the goods trains on The Other Railway that do not have brakevans. Percy decides that if the Other Railway doesn't need Brake Vans, then he doesn't either, But Ash and Pikachu wasn't sure. A few days later, Percy is arranging a line of trucks at the Shunting Yard. As the shunter was about to couple the brakevan to the back of the train, Percy think this might be his chance to pull the trucks without and sets off quickly. However the Troublesome Trucks decided to become naughty and as Percy puffs up Gordon's hill, the weight of the trucks behind him snap the coupling. The trucks roll back down the slope racing all the way back to the Shunting Yard with Percy, Ash and Pikachu hot on their trail, while all Trains and Traffic was haulted. Luckily, Rainbow Dash saw the runaway trucks from the sky and hurry off to the Shunting Yard to alert everyone. The Brake Van was still standing where it was left and the guard heard the runaway trucks coming. He screws the brakes hard on before jumping clear just as the trucks ramp right into it and came to a stop. The Fat Controller scolded Percy taking his train without a brake van and Percy promise to use Brake Van for whatever goods trains he pulls for now on.