Peg-Leg Pete


Pete (voiced by Jim Cummings) was an evil cat who was the main villain in Pooh's Adventures of The Three Musketeers. In the film, he planned to get rid of Princess Minnie and take over France with the help of The Beagle Boys and Team Rocket. But eventually, Pooh, Mickey, and their friends defeated the wicked Cardinal and his minions in a humorous battle in the opera. Pete returned in Pooh's Adventures of A Goofy Movie, apparently reformed and having a son named P.J.. The Evil version of him appeared in Pooh's Adventures of Kung Fu Panda, Courage And Friends Adventures Of Challenge Of The Gobots, Couragre And Friends Adventures Of Gobots : Battle of The Rock Lords,   where he worked for Tai Lung, Pete sometimes became friends with Mickey, Winnie the Pooh and their friends.



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